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A - Z Dictionary of terms for Prince2 Agile edition. This is the official Dictionary of terms for the Agile prince 2 method. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. See glossaries for Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Project Office Dictionary (P30), PRINCE2, ITIL and Risk Management. See also the Project Management Dictionary.

A - acceptance critera to Agilometer | B - backlog to business case | C - change authority to customer subject matter expert | D - definition of 'done' to Dynamic Systems Development Method | E - early adopter to experiment | F - G - feature to Glad! Sad! Mad! | H - I - higlight report to issue | K - Kaizen to Kano | L - lead time to Little's Law | M - manage by exception to MoSCoW | P - Plan-Do-Check-Act to push system | Q - quality assurance to quality tolerance | R - RACI to risk register | S - SAFe to supplier subject matter expert | T - team dynamics to transparency | U - V - user story to visioning | W - Waterfall method to workshop


A list of new features for a product. The list may be made up of user stories which are structured in a way that describes who wants the feature and why. It is a generic term which can be defined in terms of releases, sprints and products.

backlog item

An entry in a backlog. This may be in the form of a user story or task and may be held in many forms such as in a spreadsheet or displayed on a whiteboard.


A reference level against which an entity is monitored and controlled.


The measurable improvement resulting from an outcome perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders, and which contributes towards one or more organizational objective(s).

benefits review plan

A plan that defines how and when a measurement of the achievement of the project's benefits can be made. If the project is being managed within a programme, this information may be created and maintained at the programme level.
A technique that helps a team to generate ideas. Ideas are not reviewed during the brainstorming session, but at a later stage. Brainstorming is often used by problem management to identify possible causes.

burn chart

A technique for showing progress (e.g. such as with a timebox) where work that is completed and work still to do is shown with one or more lines that are updated regularly/daily.

burn-down chart

A burn down chart is a run chart of outstanding work. See also burn chart.

burn-up chart

A burn down chart is a run chart of completed work. See also burn chart.

business ambassador

A role in DSDM that is the pivotal role (but not the only role) in understanding the business view of a project. Sometimes known as a requirements engineer or business analyst.
The justification for an organizational activity (strategic, programme, project or operational) which typically contains costs, benefits, risks and timescales, and against which continuing viability is tested.

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