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Agile Dictionary - C - change authority to customer subject matter expert

A - Z Dictionary of terms for Prince2 Agile edition. This is the official Dictionary of terms for the Agile prince 2 method. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. See glossaries for Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Project Office Dictionary (P30), PRINCE2, ITIL and Risk Management. See also the Project Management Dictionary.

A - acceptance critera to Agilometer | B - backlog to business case | C - change authority to customer subject matter expert | D - definition of 'done' to Dynamic Systems Development Method | E - early adopter to experiment | F - G - feature to Glad! Sad! Mad! | H - I - higlight report to issue | K - Kaizen to Kano | L - lead time to Little's Law | M - manage by exception to MoSCoW | P - Plan-Do-Check-Act to push system | Q - quality assurance to quality tolerance | R - RACI to risk register | S - SAFe to supplier subject matter expert | T - team dynamics to transparency | U - V - user story to visioning | W - Waterfall method to workshop

change authority

A person or group to which the Project Board may delegate responsibility for the consideration of requests for change or off-specifications. The change authority may be given a change budget and can approve changes within that budget.

checkpoint report

A progress report of the information gathered at a checkpoint, which is given by a team to the project manager and which provides reporting data as defined in the work package.

class of service

Broadly defined category for different types of work. The classes influence selection decisions, because different classes of service are typically associated with qualitatively different risk profiles, especially with regard to schedule risk and the cost of delay. Four generic classes of service are widely recognized: 'standard', 'fixed date', 'expedite' and 'intangible'.

communication management strategy

A description of the means and frequency of communication between the project and the project's stakeholders.

configuration item

An entity (asset) that is subject to configuration management. The entity (asset) may be a component of a product, a product or a set of products in a release.

configuration item record

A record that describes the status, version and variant of a configuration item, and any details of important relationships between them.

configuration management

Technical and administrative activities concerned with the creation, maintenance and controlled change of configuration throughout the life of a product.

configuration management strategy

A description of how and by whom the project's products will be controlled and protected.


A restriction or limitation that a project is bound by. It may be challenged during a MoV study.


Something that is held in reserve, typically to handle time and cost variances, or risks. PRINCE2 does not advocate the use of contingency because estimating variances is managed by setting tolerances, and risks are managed through appropriate risk responses (including the fall back response that is contingent on the risk occurring). See also Contingency Plan and Contingency Planning.

customer subject matter expert (CSME)

The role assigned to the delivery team, to act as a representative of all customer stakeholders, with a responsibility for ensuring that the project's products are understood and are correct at the detailed level.

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