Agile Dictionary of Terms for Prince2

A - Z Dictionary of terms for Prince2 Agile edition. This is the official Dictionary of terms for the Agile prince 2 method. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. See glossaries for Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Project Office Dictionary (P30), PRINCE2, ITIL and Risk Management See also the Project Management Dictionary.

A - acceptance critera to Agilometer | B - backlog to business case | C - change authority to customer subject matter expert | D - definition of 'done' to Dynamic Systems Development Method | E - early adopter to experiment | F - G - feature to Glad! Sad! Mad! | H - I - higlight report to issue | K - Kaizen to Kano | L - lead time to Little's Law | M - manage by exception to MoSCoW | P - Plan-Do-Check-Act to push system | Q - quality assurance to quality tolerance | R - RACI to risk register | S - SAFe to supplier subject matter expert | T - team dynamics to transparency | U - V - user story to visioning | W - Waterfall method to workshop

D - definition of 'done' to Dynamic Systems Development Method

definition of 'done'

A set of criteria that is used to determine if a piece of work or a collection of work items is completed. Something is either 'done' or it is 'not done'.

definition of 'ready'

A set of criteria that is used to determine if a piece of work is ready to be started.


Short for 'demonstration', this is an event where a product or interim product, in whatever state of readiness, is shown to a person or group (e.g. to a customer) in order to get feedback and show progress. The product being 'demoed' could be static (e.g. a paper design) or dynamic (e.g. a working prototype).


A collaborative approach between development and operations aimed at creating a product or service where the two types of work and even the teams merge as much as possible.


A widely used term that has more than one definition but in general terms refers to situations where there are high degrees of uncertainty (e.g. with product innovation) and the product being developed will significantly disrupt (intentionally or accidentally) the existing environment or marketplace (e.g. 3D printing).

Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

An agile project delivery framework developed and owned by the DSDM consortium.

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