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A - Z Dictionary of terms for Prince2 Agile edition. This is the official Dictionary of terms for the Agile prince 2 method. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. See glossaries for Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Project Office Dictionary (P30), PRINCE2, ITIL and Risk Management. See also the Project Management Dictionary.

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Waterfall method

A development approach that is linear and sequential, with distinct goals for each phase of development. Once a phase of development is completed, the development proceeds to the next phase and earlier phases are not revisited (hence the analogy that water flowing down a mountain cannot go back).

work package

The set of information relevant to the creation of one or more products. It will contain a description of the work, the product description(s), details of any constraints on production, and confirmation of the agreement between the project manager and the person or team manager who is to implement the work package that the work can be done within the constraints.

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work in progress (WIP)

Work that has been started but not yet delivered from the system or timebox. It can also indicate the status for incidents, problems, changes etc.

work-in-progress (WIP) limit

A constraint on the amount of WIP allowed in a given part (or column) of the system at any one time. Typically expressed as a number (i.e. the maximum number of work items allowed), it creates the concept of a pull system.


An event where people come together in a room to achieve an objective (e.g. to create a list of requirements or solve a problem) by using interaction and creativity in order to work quickly and accurately.

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