Discussion process BPM example

This is a BPM for a discussion process using email and conference call. It shows the following BPM elements: activities, timers, decisions, start event, end event, annotations, data associations, sequence flows, and data, and a parallel gateway.

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Example BPM for a discussion cycle

BPMN used in this Discussion Process

  • Allow 1 week for the discussion of the Issues through e-mail or calls
  • The Sub-Process will repeat of the Discussion Over variable is False
  • This Task returns the value of the Discussion Over to True or False
  • Calendar
  • Issue Voting List [0 to 5 issues]
  • Start event
  • Timer Intermediate Events
    • Delay 6 days from Announcement
    • Moderate E-mail Discussion 7 Days
    • Call in Discussion Week? - Yes - Wait until Thursday, 9am
  • End event
  • Gateway - Conference Call in Voting Week?
  • Parallel Gateway
  • Announce Issues for Discussion
  • Check Calendar for Conference Call
  • Moderate E-mail Discussion
  • E-Mail Discussion Deadline Warning
  • Moderate Conference Call Discussion
  • Evaluate Discussion Progress