Doctor to Patient business process model

This BPM example shows lanes for the Doctor's Office and a Patient. The flow starts from when the patient's illness occurs, goes through setting up an appointment, getting a prescription and receiving medicine. Both lanes have start and end events. Message flows are also shown along with Sequence flows. Several tasks are shown and annotations are shown on the message flows.

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Example BPM for a Doctor to Patient process

BPMN used in this example

  • I want to see doctor
  • Go to see doctor
  • I feel sick
  • Pickup your medicine and you can leave
  • Need my medicine
  • Here is your medicine
End Event
Start Event

  • Doctor's Office
  • Patient
Message Flows
Sequence Flows

  • Send Doctor Request
  • Receive Doctor Request
  • Send Appointment
  • Receive Appointment
  • Send Symptoms
  • Receive Symptoms
  • Send Prescription Pickup
  • Receive Prescription Pickup
  • Send Medicine Request
  • Receive Medicine Request
  • Send Medicine
  • Receive Medicine