12 Business Process Management (BPM) Examples

These Business Process Management examples are FREE to re-use and are a great way to illustrate business process modelling. Process models are built using a defined method and notation (Business Process Modelling Notation - BPMN). These examples are shown here to demonstrate BPM notation (symbols) and how it is used to document business processes as a first step to improving performance and removing inefficiencies.

Approval Process BPM

Example Approval process BPM A segment of an approval process. Shows BPM notation including data objects, groups, activities, data association, sequence flows and annotation.

Bakery process example BPM

Example BPM for a bakery - thumbnail This is an example of a first level business process model for a Bakery. It shows start and end events, tasks and the sequence flow.

Car hire business process model

Example BPM for Car Hire - thumbnailThis is a segment of a process for car hire. It shows lanes, activities and connectors using the Talend Platform. The activities are Enter user and dates, Get client information, Get available cars, Select car, Submit car reservation, Get confirmation and Show reservation.

Collect votes example BPM

Example work breakdown for a contact centre software project An BPM showing a process for collecting votes. This example uses events, timers, activities, a decision and documents.

Discussion Cycle example Business Process Model

Example BPM for a discussion process This is a BPM for a discussion process using email and a conference call. It shows the following BPM notation: activities, timers, decisions, start event, end event, annotations, message flows, sequence flows, and data, and a parallel gateway.

BPM for Documenting a Process

business process model for Documenting a Process This example is a business process model for documenting, reviewing, amending and finalising a business process. It uses multiple swimlanes, a number activities, connectors and decisions or gateways.

Doctor to Patient business process model

BPM example Doctor to Patient This BPM example shows lanes for the Doctor's Office and the Patient. Both lanes have start and end events. Message flows are also shown along with Sequence flows. Several tasks are shown and annotations are shown on the message flows.

BPM for posting a job notification

example Business Process Model for posting a job Business Process Model showing a process across two lanes starting with reporting a job opening and finishing with posting the job advert. Includes connectors, activities, start and end events and gateways.

Payment process example bpm

example business process model for a payment process Simple business process diagram for a payment process. Shows events, gateways, decisions and annotations.

Request for quote business process model

example BPM for an RFQ process This is a segment of a process for a request for a quote (RFQ). It shows activities, an event for a time out and a marker showing that a sub-process loops.

As is business process model for vendor management

business process model example for Vendor management This is a segment of a to-be purchasing process to create new Vendors. This BPM shows multiple lanes, gateways, decisions and connectors.

BPM - Send issue list to working group

example business process model for a working group An example BPM showing events, a message, a timer, activities, and one decision. This is a simple process for checking if a work group is active and then sending the group an issue list if it is active.

Example BPM - references and further reading

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