Flowchart for a Purchase Order Process

This cross functional flowchart is for raising purchase orders for project related costs. It includes key checks of the supplier list and PO system and the authorisation process.
Click image to zoom in. image of a Flowchart for raising a purchase order

Flowchart - list of steps

Decision points Tasks
  • Pass details to Purchasing Manager
  • Get BACS details, complete new supplier form
  • Send approval form to accounting center
  • Create Purchase Order (PO), print and pass to Project Manager
  • PO status to approved
  • Send PO to supplier
Project Manager
Decisions points
  • Is this legitimate spend?
  • Valid expenditure?
  • Project Manager to resolve - via change control or reject
  • Reject spend notify purchaser
  • Authorise New Supplier Account Request
  • Reject PO (if not valid)
  • Approve PO and pass to sign-off authority (if valid)
Sign-off authority
Decision points
  • Is the expenditure valid?
  • Reject or approve the Purchase Order
Super user
No decision points

Download Purchase Order Process Flowchart

Visio diagram of the Purchase Order Flowchart

PDF version

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