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Flowchart for a Service Request Call process

by | reviewed 2024-04-22
This flowchart shows call handling flow for a service request made by a customer to a call center. The service request is generic (it could be for anything) and starts with a customer calling a call-center agent, activities and key decision points are shown.
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Tasks in this chart

Title: Fulfill Service Request (generic process)


  • Customer
  • Agent
  • Automated rule engine
  • Data Stores / Functions

Tasks in Customer swimlane

  • Make contact
  • Provide identify
  • Provide contact details

Tasks in Agent swimlane

  • Receive contact
  • Greet
  • Identify reason for contact
  • Offer alternative or Change Order
  • Identify customer
  • Confirm customer details
  • Capture customer details
  • Close contact.

Tasks in Automated rule engine swimlane

  • End task

Decision points in agent swimlane

  • Is it in scope?
  • Identity witheld?
  • Is customer prepared to be identified?
  • Customer known
  • All appropriate details captured?

Decision points in automated rule engine swimlane

  • OK to withold identify?
  • Customer known

Download a flow chart for a Service Request Call process

Visio diagram of the Service Request Flowchart

PDF version

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