5 FREE Timesheet Templates | Download now in Excel

There are a lot of apps out there for tracking time and most large companies use software that is integrated to staff utilisation and customer billing. That said sometimes you just need something quick to set up and simple to use. For example:
  • you need to record your time, but you can't afford to pay for an app
  • you want to informally track your time on an internal project.
  • you want to record your time to make a case for more help or a pay rise!
  • you are working at risk and need to record time while you wait for the project to be set up in your usual system
  • you need to record time that you can't enter in your usual system, for example, some time tracker apps won't let you record admin, mentoring or volunteering time.
Bimonthly Project Timesheet Template
This is a super simple bimonthly timesheet template for recording hours spent on projects. It has space for public holidays, leave, and sickness, and simple formulas are used to add up the hours.
Example Timesheet for a Department of Works
This is a timesheet template is an example from the state of Connecticut Department of Works. It records 10 working days and the dates and days are automatically created when you input a start date.
Timesheet Template fortnightly time
This timesheet template allows you to record your time for a week or a fortnight. Simply enter the day you want to record you time from and the sheet will fill in the dates and days of the week for you.
Image of a simple timesheet for project work
This is a timesheet template for recording hours spent on project work. This could be billable or non-billable and there is space for the project details.
Image of a Shift Timesheet Template
This is a timesheet template for recording hours spent on shift work. It is designed to be printed and filled in with a pen.

Time and task tracking apps

If you need a way of recording time for a several people, with reporting and integration capabililities it is worth looking at an online tool rather than Excel.

Clockify - completely free and very simple to use time tracking tool

MeisterTask - an affordable and user friendly task management app