Simplify Your To-Do List & Schedule with Our Easy Excel Template

If you've ever felt like your day could use more structure or wished for a simple way to streamline your to-do list, you're in the right place. We're thrilled to introduce our free downloadable Excel template - an intuitive, user-friendly tool designed to restore order to your day. The dual-purpose layout offers a designated space for your to-dos on the left and a detailed hourly schedule from 8 am to 7 pm on the right.

What's different about this To-Do list template?

Crafted for simplicity, it doesn't involve any tricky macros, conditional formatting, or formulas. Although you can use it on-screen, we highly recommend printing it on A4 paper for the best experience. This tactile approach can help you feel more connected with your tasks and keep you grounded in your daily routine. Embrace a more organized life today with our easy-to-use template. Welcome to a smoother, more mindful journey through each day.

How to organize your to-do list: 2 simple but surprisingly effective suggestions

1. High, Medium and Low

A simple High, Medium, and Low priority system can help you to manage your tasks effectively. Here's how you might apply this to your to-do list:

High Priority: These are the tasks that absolutely must be done today and should be the first ones you tackle. High-priority tasks are often directly related to essential goals or have deadlines due today.

Medium Priority: These tasks are important but less critical to complete by the end of the day. You can move on to these once you have finished all your high-priority tasks. They often represent tasks that could become a high priority within a few days if not addressed.

Low Priority: These tasks need to be done but won't significantly impact your work or life if not completed today. You work on these tasks when all your high and medium-priority tasks are completed. You could assign each task a priority when you write your list, either by writing H, M, or L next to each one or by writing them in separate sections.

2. Numbering 1 to 4

Another method is a simple numbering system: assign each task a number from 1 to 4 based on its priority, with '1' being the most important.
  1. Must be done today.
  2. Important, but doesn't have to be done today.
  3. An idea or nice to have job, that doesn't have to be done today.
  4. A task that can be delegated. Learn how to delegate the fast and effective way.

How to change the time Format

If you want to adjust the format of the time, simply select the cells, right-click and select "Format Cells". In the pop-up window that appears, select the "Number" tab and then choose the format you prefer.

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Download the template!

Excel download - Daily To-Do list and schedule (.xlsx)

Excel 97 - 2003 download - Daily To-Do list and schedule (.xls)

OpenDocument Spreadsheet download - Daily To-Do list and schedule (.ods)

PDF - Daily To-Do list and schedule (.pdf)

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