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16 Interview Questions on motivation [real examples]

by | reviewed 08/05/2019
These are real Job Interview Questions asked by employers. They focus on assessing how motivated you are and how good you are at motivating others. Use these questions to prepare for your next job interview!

These questions are great way to prepare for interviews because they use a very common model of interview questioning called the competency model.

Job interview - with motivation tagline

Motivation interview questions

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  1. Give me an example of when you came up with a clever way of motivating someone?
  2. What is your favourite way of motivating people?
  3. What do you to reward good performance on your team?
  4. What was the best idea you tried to sell your manager that was not accepted? Why wasn't it? What did you do?"
  5. What if you found to be the best way to get other people to accept your ideas?
  6. Describe your most disappointing experience in presenting and gaining the support of management for a proposal. What happened? What would you do differently next time?
  7. What do you think is your employer's greatest concern? What have you done to affect some change? How?
  8. Describe your most recent problem-solving session with one of your employees?
  9. Give me a specific example of a time when your energy and actions motivated co-workers
  10. Tell me about a time where your actions motivated and inspired other people to excel?
  11. Give me an example of how you motivated to different employees in different ways according to their personalities?
  12. Give me an example of the time when you had high morale on the job and what caused it? How did you contribute to the morale of others?
  13. What things created excitement and cohesion in your last workgroup?
  14. When have you seen supposedly effective motivators fail?
  15. What are some of the techniques you have found most useful in developing yourself and your employees?
  16. How have you identified your staff's needs and potential?
Download this list in Word, Excel and PDF

Competency based interview questions

Competency focused questions are designed to help draw out a person's experience by asking for examples of when they have performed a function or have shown that they have a skill/competency. This style of questioning is popular because it is more likely to draw out whether a person has the competencies to perform a role.

Models that used closed questions like 'tell me what x means' tend to exclude younger or less experienced candidates and won't necessarily identify a person who has the right competence - experience of x doesn't mean you were good at x.

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