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What is Brainstorming?

A guide to Brainstorming face to face and with virtual teams. Brainstorming is one of the most well-known and frequently used tools for problem solving and creative or blue sky thinking.

Change Management Process

Example Change Management Process. In Project Management a Change Management Process is a set of repeatable, documented steps for requesting, logging, assessing, reviewing and implementing change requests.

Change Management RACI

Download an example RACI that sets out who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed in Change Management

The 10 barriers to good Communication - hints and tips for managers

Dramatically improve your Communication Skills by understanding the 10 most important barriers to Effective Communication. Effective communication is essential for everyone. No matter your career level you have to communicate effectively to achieve your objectives.

How to Delegate - the fast, effective way

Learn the fastest, most effective delegation process! Effective delegation is a key management skill. Free up your time and empower your project management team using this process.

Fiduciary Meaning

Learn the meaning and definition of fiduciary, which relationships are likely to have a fiduciary duty and the obligations in the corporation.

Example Flow Charts

8 example Flow Charts FREE to download. Includes business process flows for a scrutiny process, service request fulfilment, purchase order process, and an invoice matching flowchart. Downloads in Visio and PDF format.

Top 10 Flow Chart Symbols you need to know

What are the Top 10 Flow Chart Symbols that you need to know? Find out which symbols you need to use now and how to use them in your Flow Charts.

Example job interview questions

15 interview questions on customer focus

16 interview questions on leadership

13 job interview questions on motivation

13 job interview questions on problem solving

15 job interview questions self-starter

22 job interview questions on teamwork

Find a New Job! | Mind map to download

Find a New Job with this FREE Mind Map Download! This is a mindmap for Finding a New Job. This example is from a real world job search, and includes deciding your job requirements, CV updating, interview prep, linkedin job alerts, and using your contacts.

Management Dictionaries and Glossaries

List of Management Dictionaries and Glossaries available for FREE on

Managing and motivating Project teams

Learn how to improve the performance of your team by getting the right people, developing their skills, building rapport, and making the most of your Leadership skills.

10 tips for online Project Meetings

Online and remote project meetings are becoming the norm. Experience has taught me a few simple things that you can do to make your online project meetings successful. Here are my top ten tips for your next virtual team meeting!

Programme Management - Definition and Meaning

Program Management is the discipline of managing program of work, using defined tools and techniques, implemented by skilled program management practitioners.

RACI chart

A RACI is a simple widely recognized tool for defining roles and responsibilities. Each task or activity is listed and those who are either Responsible, Accountable, Consulted or Informed are identfied for each task.

RACI template

FREE RACI Template in Excel. Download a template for completing a RACI chart - responsible, accountable, consulted, informed.

Return on investment (ROI) meaning

ROI - Return on Investment - meaning and definition. This is an example of an expected ROI for a fictional construction project for 10 luxury apartments.

Developing your Business Strategy

Learn how to develop a Business Strategy and the process of Strategic Business Planning. A business strategy describes: the business direction for the future in terms of a vision, strategic themes and a portfolio of planned changes.

STAR technique for job interviews

How to use the STAR job interview technique. Do you want a simple memorable way to ace any interview question? STAR is an exceptionally easy way to structure your answers to show off your skills and qualities