Climate Change Stakeholders

Here are 53 of the authorities, departments, organisations and groups who may be Stakeholders in Climate Change. Either sudden Climate Change or creeping change in climate impacting local communities, flora and fauna. You can use this to generate a list of potential stakeholders or as a checklist in case you have missed any roles. This list is focused on Climate Change, for a generic list of stakeholders see generic stakeholder list.

See also IT project stakeholder mindmap, IT project stakeholder list, ecommerce stakeholder list, Construction stakeholders and Structured Settlement stakeholders.

List of 53 potential Climate Change Stakeholders

Potential Internal Partners within State or Local Government Organisation
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change Stakeholders
  • Public Health Preparedness
  • Communicable Disease
  • Public Health Surveillance
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Mental Health
  • Minority Health
  • Food Protection
  • Planning and Policy Departments
  • Communications Department
Potential Partner Agencies
  • Water services
  • Emergency Management
  • Community Development/Planning/Zoning
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Transportation
  • Flood management
  • Aging and disability
  • Environmental/natural resources/Forestry
  • Regional (ex: Regional Solutions Centers)
  • State or County Health Authority
  • Other State agencies
  • Other Federal agencies
  • Other Local Authorities
  • Other Government Agencies
Potential NGOs
  • Hospitals, health clinics
  • Extension Services
  • Environmental advocacy groups
  • Public Health advocacy groups
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Universities and Community colleges
  • Community Centers
  • Emergency Response volunteers
  • Community-spirited businesses
  • Others
Potential Vulnerable Populations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Assisted living / nursing homes
  • Early childhood centers
  • Food banks
  • Safety-net service providers
  • Low-income neighborhoods
  • Communities of color
  • Immigrant communities
  • Outdoor worker groups
  • Neighborhoods with steep slopes
  • Neighborhoods in floodplains
  • Neighborhoods on the coast
  • Private well users
  • Travelling communities
  • Tribes
  • Rural Networks
  • Networks serving people with disabilities
  • Schools

Industry stakeholder lists

Stakeholder lists focusing on specific project types or industries:

Stakeholder Management Templates
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