Ethics and Stakeholder Theory

Professor Thomas M. Jones is the Chairman of the Management and Organization Department and the Boeing Endowed Professor of Business Administration at the University of Washington in Seattle. He serves as an Academic Advisor with the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics.
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In this video Professor Thomas M. Jones discusses the overlap between Ethics and Stakeholder Theory.

Video transcript - Ethics and Stakeholder Theory

Overlap between ethics and stakeholder theory.

Stakeholder theory, as i said before, I believe has to do with... it forces a focus on relatnionshipo and ethics should play, ethics plays a major role in those relationships.

Some of those relationships could be judged ethical in some litmus test of 'are these ethical or are they not ethical', but it makes these relationships, the nature of the relationships, ethical issues or an ongoing series of ethical issues that,

lets say normative ethics can and should play a major role in how these relationships should be seen and should be conducted, so the overlap is pretty great.

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