Add custom fields to Microsoft Project 2010

In MS project you can add custom fields of multiple types, for example RAG status, project phase, or sprint.
There are two categories of customizable fields: task fields and resource fields.
In each of these categories, you can do the following:
  • Rename the custom fields permanently so that the new name appears wherever the field name appears.
  • Add a value to a custom field.
  • Add a formula to a customer field.
  • Designate graphic indicators to appear in a custom field in place of the data.
  • (Daley, 2011, p. 120).

Adding a field of text type

Project has dedicated predefined fields for the user to customize in a variety of ways. All the fields are accessible on the Project tab, Custom Fields (Daley, 2011, p. 119).
The quickest way to add a custom field in two steps!
Right click a column heading and simply select Insert Column.

Insert a custom field in microsoft project

Then simply type the name of your field

Type a name for your custom field

A field of text type will be added to your view. In this case we have added a field called 'New column' which has been allocated to Text 7.
View your custom field in microsoft project
To create custom fields of other types, for example date or duration go to Project Tab >> Custom fields.

Creating custom fields - references

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