Microsoft Project Timeline - How to show the Timeline

How to use the Timeline in Microsoft Project 2010. Learn how to view the timeline, add key tasks, remove tasks and copy timeline for sharing in a presentation or via email. See a detailed overview of how to use the timeline.

Microsoft Project 2010 provides a timeline view of the project schedule which is helpful for an immediate understanding of the end to end duration of the project, and to see where a task or set of tasks fall on the timeline.

How to show the timeline using the view tab

Select the View tab on the toolbar
select view tab
Scroll to the right to the Split/View and tick the Timeline checkbox
select timleine checkbox in split/view

The Timeline will be shown above the Gantt view and Task table
timeline showing above the gantt view in ms project

Using right click to show the timeline

Place your cursor over the Gantt View
right click in gantt view and select timeline
Right click and select Show timeline

Video showing how to view the timeline

See how to show the timeline in 30 seconds.

How to add tasks to the timeline

The timeline is a useful out a glance view of the project schedule. You can add key tasks e.g. milestones to the timeline. The timeline with key tasks can then be copied and pasted in presentations, reports or emails.
Select the task you want to add to the timeline

Right click and select Add to Timeline
right click and select Add to Timeline to add a task

Remove a task

To remove a task from the timeline:
Select the task on the timeline by clicking it.

Click remove task in the Timeline Tools toolbar.
select Remove from Timeline in Toolbar Tools
Alternative method.
Right click the task on the timeline
right click to remove tasks from timeline
Click Remove Timeline

Sharing the timeline

To share the timeline for use in reporting or presentations either right click on the far right or left of the timeline itself and select Copy Timeline or click the timeline and select the Timeline Tools tab. You will see options to copy For Email, For Presentation or to copy Full Size.
copy timeline for presentation or email

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