OGC (Office of Government Commerce) - stakeholder and project management guidance

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The Office of Government Commerce were a UK government office that supported the public sector in procurement and acquistion. Their goal was to improve value to taxpayer, and as part of their remit they provided useful best practice advice on delivery of projects and programs.

The office was closed permanently in 2011, but some of their advice and guidance can be found on the National Archives at https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/.

At stakeholdermap.com we refer to OGC best practice, because it remains sound and has been drawn upon in many publications. You can find access to their guidance on project and program management here Projects and Programmes best practice guidance.

OGC guidance on stakeholders

OGC guidance on Stakeholders can be found at:
Documentation and templates stakeholder issues stakeholder map and Stakeholder Management Plan

OGC publications now managed by Axelos

The following OGC best practice publications are now managed by Axelos a joint venture company between the Cabinet Office and Capita plc.