Business Process Modelling (BPM) WBS

This Work Breakdown Structure is for a Business Process Modelling (BPM) project. It is organised by the phases in the bpm project:
  • Launch - selection of the processes, stakeholder analysis, preparation and planning for the project.
  • Design - modelling of the as-is processes, measure performance baseline, identify quick wins. See example BPM models.
  • Innovate or Modelling - modelling of the to-be processes, updated business case, detailed plan for future phase, initial organisational change strategy.
  • Develop or Execution - identfication and configuration of hardware and software required for to-be processes, integration specifications and test scripts.
  • Implement phase - rollout out new business process model (bpm), marketing, staff training and user acceptance testing. See example Business Process models
  • Realise Value & Monitor phase - Benefits delivery and tracking of progress against towards meeting to-be KPIs, communicate benefits.
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work breakdown for a bpm project

BPM - wbs structure text version

Launch the Project

  • Initial Implementation Plan

    • Processes selected
    • Project Management documentation
    • KPI & metrics selected
    • Initial Business Case

Design Phase

  • Models of As-Is Processes completed

  • Measure As is performance metrics

  • Identify quick wins

  • Document what works well

Complete Innovate phase or Modelling phase

  • Stakeholder communication plan

  • Detailed project plan for Execution phase

  • Initial Organisational change strategy

  • Updated business case

    • Cost benefit analysis for implementing the To-Be processes
    • SMT presentation with recommendations
  • Redesigned process models

    • Create process models
    • Document new process models
      • Process Gap Analysis
      • Capacity planning information
    • Validate new processes
      • Confirm process meets stakeholder expectations
      • Confirm models meet strategy and to-be metrics
      • Quality check models against BPMN 2.0

Develop or Execution phase

  • Develop high-level overview of the solution

  • Integrations specified, test scripts written

  • Finalised software documentation

  • Hardware documentation

    • Hardware specification
    • Hardware availability
    • Hardware test scripts & results

Implement phase

  • Staff training

  • Marketing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Communications

  • Rollout new business process model (BPM)

Realise Value & monitor phase

  • Communicate benefits

  • Benefits delivery & tracking

    • Snapshot KPIs & metrics for comparative baseline
    • Monitor KPIs & metrics for benefits analysis
    • Delivery activities in benefits summary plan
  • Benefits documentation

    • Benefits milestone network matrix
    • Benefits delivery matrix
    • Benefits Realisation register

Download Business Process Modelling WBS

Visio diagram of the BPM work breakdown structure

PDF version of the BPM WBS

Mind map of this WBS