Work breakdown structure - establish construction site

Includes fit out, clearing the site, and setting up security, for example, erect fences, fit gates, install cameras. Click image to zoom in. image of a WBS for establishing a construction site Click image to zoom in.

View the WBS for a Construction Site fit out as a list

  • Establish site
    • Fit out
      • Surface
        • Stone up site
        • Stone up access road
      • Erect site accom.
      • Utilities
        • Electrical service
        • Water service
        • Drain connection
    • Clear site
      • Asbestos survey
      • Strip site
        • Specialist clearance
        • Demolish sheds
        • Clear rubbish
    • Security
      • Erect fence
      • Fit gates
      • Install cameras

    Download Construction Site work breakdown structure (WBS)

    Downloads available in Microsoft Visio and Adobe PDF.

    Visio diagram of the work breakdown

    PDF version