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Political Stakeholders

A Political Stakeholder is a person or group who has an interest or a stake in the government or public affairs of a
political stakeholders

The definition of a Political Stakeholder is wide and can apply to all citizens of a country. For businesses and managers Political Stakeholders should be thought of as national governmental bodies and supranational or international organization for example, the World Health Organization or NGOs.

Holtbrügge, Berg & Puck divide Political Stakeholders into two groups: national and international stakeholders. National stakeholders are concerned with the interests of a nation whereas international Stakeholders are 'supranational' – they are multinational and are delegated authority by governments of member states.

Examples of national stakeholders

  • State Governments
  • Local Authorities
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Central Government

Examples of international stakeholders

  • Supranational Organizations
  • International Monetary Fund
  • United Nations
  • World Trade organization

Political Stakeholders - References and further reading

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