Portfolio, programme, and project offices (P30) Glossary of Terms

P - P3M3 to R - Risk potential assessement (RPA)

This is an A-Z glossary of terms, for Project Offices. P3O Project Office model provides a decision enabling and delivery support structure for leading change within an organization.View the Agile Dictionary. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Dictionary. Full ITIL glossary of terms. See also Project Management Dictionary and Risk Management Dictionary.

A - E - Aggregated Risk to Expert Reference Group | F - O - Full-time Equivalent (FTE) to organization Portfolio Office
| P - R - P3M3 to Risk potential assessment (RPA) | S - Z - Scale of risk to Zero-based Cost Centre


OGC's Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model.

P3O Sponsor

A senior manager with appropriate authority who champions the establishment and evolving operation of the P3O. They will ideally be a member of the main board.


An acronym to describe portfolio, programme, project and risk management together.

Peer review

Specific review of a project or any of its products where personnel from within the organization and/or from other organizations carry out an independent assessment of the project. Peer reviews can be done at any point within a project but are often used at stage-end points.


Acronym for 'Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environment' and is a technique used generally in organizational change management to undertake an environmental scan at a strategic level.

Pet project

A project that is championed by an executive in an organization that may be aligned to an individual goal or goal for a specific part of the business, but not aligned to the strategic imperatives of the organization as a whole.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O)

The decision enabling and support business model for all business change within an organization. This will include single or multiple physical or virtual structures, i.e. offices (permanent and/or temporary), providing a mix of central and localized functions and services, integration with governance arrangements and the wider business such as other corporate support functions.


A method that supports some selected aspects of project management. The acronym stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments.

Programme Brief

A statement that describes the specific objectives, required benefits, potential risks, outline costs, timescales and potentially options for delivery for a programme.

Project Brief

Project Executive

The individual who is ultimately responsible for a project. Their role is to ensure that the project is focused throughout its lifecycle on achieving its objectives and delivering a product that will achieve the forecast benefits.

Project Initiation Document (PID)

A logical document that brings together the key information needed to start a project on a sound basis and to convey that information to all concerned with the project.


An organization's physical or virtual entities (human or other) that are of limited availability and can be used to undertake operations or business change.

Risk potential assessment (RPA)

A standard set of high-level criteria against which the intrinsic characteristics and degree of difficulty of a proposed project are assessed. Used in the UK public sector to assess the criticality of projects and so determine the level of OGC Gateway Review required.

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