PRINCE2 Glossary of Terms - B

B - baseline to Business Case

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A - accept to avoid | B - baseline to Business Case | C - center of excellence to customer's quality expectations | D - Daily Log to DSDM Atern | E - embedding (PRINCE2) to exploit | F - H - fallback to host site | I - impact to Issue Report | L - O - Lesson Log to output | P - performance targets to Project Support | Q - quality to quality tolerance | R - records to role description | S - schedule to supplier | T - tailoring to trigger | U - W - user acceptance to Work Package


Reference levels against which an entity is monitored and controlled.
Read more Project Monitoring and Control.

baseline management product

A type of management product that defines aspects of the project and, once approved, is subject to change control.


The measurable improvement resulting from an outcome perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders.

Benefits Review Plan

A plan that defines how and when a measurement of the achievement of the project’s benefits can be made. If the project is being managed within a programme, this information may be created and maintained at the programme level.

Download a Benefits Review Plan - Mind map, Word or PDF format

benefits tolerance

The permissible deviation in the expected benefit that is allowed before the deviation needs to be escalated to the next level of management. Benefits tolerance is documented in the Business Case. See also ‘tolerance’.

Business Case

The justification for an organizational activity (project), which typically contains costs, benefits, risks and timescales, and against which continuing viability is tested. Read more about the Business Case.

Download a Business Case - Word or PDF format

Download a PRINCE2 Business Case - Mind map, Word or PDF format

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