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PRINCE2 Glossary of Terms

T - tailoring to trigger

This is an A-Z glossary of terms, from the 2009 edition. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. View the Agile Dictionary. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Dictionary. Project Office Dictionary (P30). Full ITIL glossary of terms. See also the Project Management Dictionary and the Risk Management Dictionary.

A - accept to avoid | B - baseline to Business Case | C - center of excellence to customer's quality expectations | D - Daily Log to DSDM Atern | E - embedding (PRINCE2) to exploit | F - H - fallback to host site | I - impact to Issue Report | L - O - Lesson Log to output | P - performance targets to Project Support | Q - quality to quality tolerance | R - records to role description | S - schedule to supplier | T - tailoring to trigger | U - W - user acceptance to Work Package


The appropriate use of PRINCE2 on any given project, ensuring that there is the correct amount of planning, control, governance and use of the processes and themes (whereas the adoption of PRINCE2 across an organization is known as ‘embedding’).

Team Manager

The person responsible for the production of those products allocated by the Project Manager (as defined in a Work Package) to an appropriate quality, timescale and at a cost acceptable to the Project Board. This role reports to, and takes direction from, the Project Manager. If a Team Manager is not assigned, then the Project Manager undertakes the responsibilities of the Team Manager role.

Team Plan

An optional level of plan used as the basis for team management control when executing Work Packages.

technical stage

A method of grouping work together by the set of techniques used, or the products created. This results in stages covering elements such as design, build and implementation. Such stages are technical stages and are a separate concept from management stages.


An aspect of project management that needs to be continually addressed, and that requires specific treatment for the PRINCE2 processes to be effective.

time tolerance

The permissible deviation in a plan’s time that is allowed before the deviation needs to be escalated to the next level of management. Time tolerance is documented in the respective plan. See also ‘tolerance’.

time-driven control

A management control that is periodic in nature, to enable the next higher authority to monitor progress – e.g. a control that takes place every two weeks. PRINCE2 offers two key time-driven progress reports: Checkpoint Report and Highlight Report.
"The permissible deviation above and below a plan’s target for time and cost without escalating the deviation to the next level of management. There may also be tolerance levels for quality, scope, benefit and risk. Tolerance is applied at project, stage and team levels."
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A programme management term describing a group of projects structured around distinct step changes in capability and benefit delivery.

transfer (risk response)

A response to a threat where a third party takes on responsibility for some of the financial impact of the threat (for example, through insurance or by means of appropriate clauses in a contract).
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An event or decision that triggers a PRINCE2 process.

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