Project Management Checklists

Visit our growing collection of Project Checklists! FREE to download in Word, OpenDocument Text and PDF. Includes checklists for Risk, Quality, Plans, Requirements and WBS.

Change Management Checklist

Over 20 checks to ensure effective management of changes throughout your project! Download our FREE Change Management checklist. Suitable for any project regardless of industry or project type. Available in Word, OpenDocument Text and PDF.

Project Plan Checklist

This 15 point checklist ensures that your project plan is workable and realistic. It is fast and easy to use, and FREE to download in Word and PDF. Includes checks like:
  • Does the plan include a detailed sequence of all key tasks, including milestones and critical path?
  • Are task interdependencies and duration estimates considered?
  • Does the plan integrate resource availability, and consider stakeholder expectations?
  • Have key experts participated in, and committed to the plan?
  • Is the plan visually compelling, easy to understand, and can it be used to track daily progress?

Quality Assurance Checklist

checklist ensuring quality in project delivery
Over 50 checks to make sure your project is healthy and on track for a successful delivery! Download our FREE Project Quality Assurance checklist.

Risk Management Checklist

Over 30 checks to ensure effective management of risk throughout your project! Download our FREE Risk Management checklist.

Training Preparedness Checklist

This is a 40+ point checklist for in person training. It is designed for anyone involved in running in-person training events. Whether you're a seasoned event organizer or a first-time training facilitator, this checklist is your ultimate guide to ensure a smooth and successful training program.

Work Breakdown Structure Checklist

Use this checklist to review your Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)! This checklist can be used for any project regardless of industry. It focusses on the key elements that must be in place for a WBS to define the work.