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This Project Quality Assurance Checklist covers the whole project life-cycle & is widely applicable to different industries and projects. Because it is available in Microsoft Word and OpenDocument Text format it's easy to add checks for your specific project.
The Project Quality Assurance Checklist includes checks for project management quality and project delivery across the project life cycle. By downloading our checklist you get:

  • The 13 checks you need to make sure your project gets off to a flying start.
  • 8 essential checks to do at the end of the design phase.
  • The quality checks you need to do at every key milestone during delivery.
  • The 10 vital checks you should do before going live.
  • 11 checks to ensure a controlled project close.

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PMBOK definition of quality assurance

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines Quality Assurance as
the process of verifying and confirming that the project deliverables, processes, services and products conform to predetermined specifications. It is also a continuous review process aimed at ensuring quality in all aspects of the project.PMBOK
A Project Quality Assurance Checklist helps teams ensure that all necessary steps are taken to meet predetermined specifications and ensure quality throughout the project. Check out the contents below or Grab the template now!

Project Management

At the start of the Project

  • 1. Have the project sponsor and key stakeholders been identified?
  • 2. Did the key stakeholders participate in the planning?
  • 3. Have the sponsor(s) and major stakeholders formally approved the Project Definition?
  • 4. Are the objectives, scope and deliverables clearly defined?
  • 5. Are the resource requirements adequate?
  • 6. Do the team members understand the time required and the deliverables they are responsible for?
  • 7. Have the managers of team members that are not allocated full time to your team agreed to have the people available when you need them?
  • 8. Do the estimated effort, cost and duration appear reasonable?
  • 9. Is there an approved project schedule in place?
  • 10. Does the schedule contain the full project scope?
  • 11. Does the schedule contain milestones that can be used for follow-up QA checks?
  • 12. Does the schedule contain a quality assurance process?
  • 13. Do Project Management Procedures exist to define how the project will be managed?

Project Delivery

The end of the initiation/design phase

  • 14. Were the initiation phase deliverables completed? For example, Project Initiation Document (PID), Detailed Project Schedule, Risk Register, Project Management Plan, Quality Management Plan, PMBOK Management Plans.
  • 15. Were the initiation phase deliverables signed-off by all pre-defined approvers?
  • 16. Is the project following the approved project methodology? Are there any exceptions or exclusions?
  • 17. Is the project set-up on the project management software?
  • 18. Is the project cost management accounting in place?
  • 19. Are all resources booked/confirmed for the next phase?
  • 20. Is the project following appropriate company and customer guidelines and policies? Are there any exceptions/exclusions?
  • 21. If the project won’t follow any appropriate company procedures have the exceptions been signed-off?

Quality checks at agreed milestones during build / implementation phase

  • 22. Is the schedule being used to manage the work performed by the team?
  • 23. Does the schedule accurately reflect the remaining work effort?
  • 24. Can the project manager clearly explain where the project is vs. where it should be at this time?
  • 25. Are all the deliverables specified in the Project Initiation Document on track to be completed?
  • 26. Are the project finances being actively managed to complete within the budget?
  • 27. Is the project on track in terms of cost, duration and quality?
  • 28. Are existing risks being managed and new potential risks being identified?
  • 29. Are issues being addressed and resolved in a timely manner?
  • 30. Are change requests being properly identified and managed?
  • 31. Were any major changes encountered that require that the Project Initiation Document be updated?
  • 32. Are status reports and status meetings being utilized?
  • 33. Are key stakeholders being communicated to effectively?
  • 34. Is the customer happy with the project progress so far?
  • 35. Are quality assurance processes being used appropriately?

Ahead of launch / go-live

  • 36. Is an appropriate plan in place for go-live?
  • 37. Is the plan sufficiently detailed so that the whole go-live team know what they need to do and when they need to do it. Are different time zones taken into account in the plan?
  • 38. Is there a communication plan in place with contact details for everyone involved in the go live?
  • 39. Is it clear who to contact in the event of a critical issue or emergency?
  • 40. Are there appropriate roll-back plans in place in case of launch/go-live failure?
  • 41. Are appropriate business continuity plans in place post launch?
  • 42. Are any issues/defects/tasks outstanding? Is there a plan in place to complete them?
  • 43. Has the customer approved the go-live/launch plan?
  • 44. Have all resources required for go live been briefed and their time secured?
  • 45. Have all users been trained?
  • 46. Is there appropriate support in place immediately post go-live? For example, experts available on shop floor on launch day.

Project Close

At the close of the project

  • 47. Have all resources been decommissioned?
  • 48. Is there a plan in place to assess the benefits? In other words, how will you measure the success of the project against its objectives?
  • 49. Have all deliverables been approved and agreed as completed/done?
  • 50. Is there an appropriate plan in place to resolve any outstanding issues?
  • 51. Has a post-project review meeting been completed?
  • 52. Have Lessons Learned been captured and communicated with the project team and stakeholders?
  • 53. Is there a plan in place to ensure lessons learned will be incorporated into company processes and methods?
  • 54. Have all project close documents been completed?
  • 55. Have all project close documents been approved/signed-off?
  • 56. Have the project deliverables been transitioned/handed over to operations. For example, has new software been handed over with appropriate documentation to IT support?
  • 57. Has the project been closed appropriately in the project management system?
  • 58. Have the project accounts been closed and signed-off?

Project Quality Assurance checklist

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