Requirements Management Checklist

Requirements are the documented and agreed needs of the project stakeholders. The success of a project is measured by how well it is seen to meet its requirements, so it is vital that they are clearly understood, traceable and tested.

You can check the quality of your project requirements, by using this checklist along with the Requirements Management Plan, Requirements Gathering Template and Traceability Matrix available at Jump straight to the download
checklist for requirements management
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Contents of the checklist

  • Does the project have a documented Requirements Management Plan?
  • Does the project have a Requirements Traceability Matrix?
  • Have the requirements for the project been entered into the matrix?
  • Are the people responsible for managing requirements trained?
  • Have both product and project requirements been defined?
  • Have both functional and technical requirements been defined?
  • Are performance requirements defined and documented?
  • Have requirement dependencies been identified and documented?
  • Have assumptions and constraints been communicated to the project stakeholders?
  • Have measures to determine the status of requirements been agreed upon and documented?
  • Are requirements documented in a way that everyone affected by them understands them?
  • Is each requirement testable?
  • Are adequate processes and metrics in place to help ensure requirement delivery is successful?
  • Have all requirements been traced back to their source?
  • Have all requirements been traced forward to design, development, testing, and implementation?
  • Do any requirements conflict with or duplicate other requirements?
  • Have all hardware, software, and communication interfaces been identified?

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Requirements Templates to download

Requirements Gathering Template

Requirements management plan template

Requirements Traceability Matrix