What does Approved Change Request mean?

Approved Change Request

An Approved Change Request is a formal request for a modification or amendment to a project, product, or service that has successfully undergone evaluation and received approval through the change control process.
Approved Change Request - meaning and definition
The Change Control process aims to manage changes effectively, ensuring that they align with the project's objectives, scope, and requirements. Approved Change Requests are essential for maintaining control over a project's scope.

In contrast, a Requested Change is an initial proposal for a modification or adjustment to a project, product, or service that has not yet gone through the integrated change control process. Requested changes may originate from various sources, such as stakeholders, team members, or customers, and may address issues, improvements, or alterations to the project.

To further clarify the difference between an Approved Change Request and a Requested Change, consider the following aspects of the change management process:

Submission: A Requested Change is submitted by an individual or group for consideration. This may involve filling out a change request form or following a specified procedure.

Review: Once a change request is submitted, it enters the integrated change control process. This involves evaluating the proposed change's impact on the project's scope, budget, schedule, quality, and resources. This review phase often includes input from various stakeholders, such as the project manager, team members, and project sponsors.

Approval or Rejection: After a thorough review, the change control board (CCB) or another designated authority decides whether to approve or reject the requested change. Approval signifies that the change is necessary, beneficial, and aligned with the project's goals, while rejection indicates that the change is not in the best interest of the project.

Implementation: If a change request is approved, it becomes an Approved Change Request. The project manager and team will then implement the change, updating project plans, schedules, and other relevant documentation accordingly.

Communication: Approved Change Requests must be communicated to all relevant stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is aware of the modifications and their impacts on the project. This promotes transparency and collaboration among team members.

In summary, an Approved Change Request is a change proposal that has been processed, reviewed, and accepted through the integrated change control process. It represents a modification that has been deemed necessary and beneficial to the project. On the other hand, a Requested Change is an initial proposal for a change that has not yet undergone this evaluation and approval process.

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