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The activity list is a full list of all the activities in the project schedule. It breaks down each work package into activities which form the basis for estimating, scheduling, completing, and controlling the work. It includes an identifier and a description of the scope of work for each activity. It needs to contain enough detail for the project team to understand what needs to be done.
The activity list is one of several ways of presenting the project schedule. In the PMBOK it is an output of defining activities. The creation of the activity list may be aided by standard activity lists and lists from previous projects. The list might be developed alongside the creation of the WBS and WBS dictionary or it might be an output of the WBS after it is developed.

Activities are different from milestones, because they have durations. In other words, the activity will take a certain amount of time and may have resources and costs associated with it. Milestones are zero duration markers usually denoting of the completion of an important stage or phase within the project.
Activity list Template

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The contents of the Activity list Template


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Project Manager
  • Document Date

Activity ID

Give each activity a unique ID, this may include a reference to the work package in the work breakdown structure.

Activity Title

Give each activity a title that is as understandable as possible, in other words a title that the project team will understand.

Activity Description

Describe the activity clearly so that the person responsible understands the work.

Scope of Work

Add more detail if needed. For example, you may include references to procedures or manuals and you might make a note of any exclusions.

Successor Activities

Enter any activities that rely on the completion of this activity.


Enter any limitations that may apply to this activity.


Make a note of anything that you have assumed to be true in relation to this activity. For example, you might have assumed that adequate stock is in place, or that a particular resource will be available to deliver the activity.

Resource Requirements

List the human, material, or system resources & equipment that will be needed to complete the activity.

Activity list Template

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