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The Change Management Plan is a PMBOK document which defines the change control process and describes how it will be managed. It also documents the roles and responsbilities of the Change Control Board (CCB).
Once developed and approved the Change Management Plan is not typically changed as it specifies the management of changes. The changes themselves will be submitted to the Change Control Board (CCB) via a Change Request Form and then logged on a Change Log.

For smaller projects the Change Management Plan can be combined with the Configuration Management Plan.

This template includes all of the areas you need to cover, with includes useful hints and tips to help you complete each section.
Change Management Plan Template

This is a FREE Change Management Plan Template in Word and PDF. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Word and can be converted or changed to suit your project. See what is in the Template! Check out the Contents complete with Hints and Tips on how to use.

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The contents of the Change Management Plan Template

Field Description and Tips to Complete


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Document information: ID, owner, issue date, last saved date, file name or path
  • Document history: version, issue date, changes.
  • Document approvals: role, name, signature, date

Change Management Approach

Describe change control policies and procedures and how change control will interface with other aspects of project management.

Definitions of Change

In this section explain what a change is as opposed to an expected variance. It is likely that you will refer to the project’s cost, schedule and scope tolerances aka variance thresholds in this section. For example, cost variances of less than 1 percent might not require change control. Refer to the project management plan for the variance thresholds.

Find out more about Project Tolerances.
Change Type Change Definition
Schedule change
concept image for schedule change
Confirm what would constitute a schedule change and trigger a change request versus a schedule revision. For an example see Schedule Variance Threshold.
Budget change
concept image for budget change
Define a budget change versus an update. Show when a budget variance would exceed the project tolerance and trigger the change control process.
Scope change
concept image for scope change
Define a scope change as opposed progressive elaboration. Describe when a scope variance would exceed project tolerance and trigger the change control process.
Project document changes
concept image for project document changes
Explain when changes to the project management documentation will need to go through change control for re-baselining. For example, changes to the project management plan or KPIs in the Business Case.
List the members of the change control board along with their role, responsibilities and sign-off authority. You might also identify any person they delegate their authority to if they are not available.
Name Role Responsibility Authority
Board member's name Their role in the board The responsbilities and tasks required of the role The persons sign-off authority i.e. what changes they can approve

Change Control Board organization chart

Change Control Board Organisation Chart

Change Control Process

Detail each step in the change control process. Include the people involved and any systems e.g. IT systems used.
Process step Description
Change request submittal Describe how change requests are submitted, including which form or system is used and any unique ID or referencing that is used. Include who will receive the change requests and if any change type will be routed to differently e.g. cost changes might go to project accounting.
Change request tracking Describe how change requests will be tracked from submission to closure. Include details of any IT systems used and any network or file locations.
Change request review Describe how changes will be reviewed. Including how each change will be analyzed in relation to the project business case, project management plan, schedules, risk register etc.
Change request disposition Document the possible statuses that a change can have once it has been reviewed for example, accepted, deferred or rejected.

Change Control Meetings

Change Control Meetings are for evaluating changes, creating options, and preparing change requests for submittal to whoever has authority to approve those changes (PM, Change Control Board, or sponsor). Document the meetings that will be held to manage changes. For example, this may include meetings to prepare changes for submittal to the board along with the board meetings. Include the meeting:
  • Frequency
  • Attendees
  • Timings and location
  • Details of the Scribe, what information will be captured, and how actions will be monitored.
  • Details of the Chair and their responsibility.

Change Management Plan Template

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Download a free Change Management Checklist

Change Management Process

Change Request Template

Institute, P.M. (2017) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge . 6th edn. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute.

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