Conference Project Plan

Mindmap conference planning template

This mindmap can be used as a conference planning template. See also MS Project template for a large conference

This mindmap covers start up, initiation, business case, delegate management, venue procurement, conference packs, tasks for the day itself and more.

Conference project plan WBS

Here is the work breakdown structure of the conference project plan. This doesn't contain all of the tasks, you can download a full version of the project plan in MS Project

Project phase Project task
Start up Project brief written
Start up Project brief signed-off
Start up Authorization to proceed to initiation

Project Initiation Document

Initiation Send invite letter to speakers
Initiation Check if other events are happening on the same day
Initiation Complete project plan
Initiation Resources booked (event admin, event manager, support on the day)
Initiation Send conference details to marketing
Initiation Set up conference email address
Initiation Create registration form
Venue procurement Venues selected from preferred list
Event spec sent to venues
Quotes received
Venue shortlisted
Venue selected
POs completed
AV procurement Suppliers identified
Send product specs
Quotes received
Suppliers shortlisted
POs completed
Speaker procurement Speakers identified
Speakers sent event brief
Availablity & fees received from speakers
Speakers shortlisted
POs completed
AV request form & dietary requirements sent to speakers
Conference Pack Order badges and folders
Conference Pack Order stationary
Conference Pack Create evaluation sheet
Conference Pack Collate info for packs
Conference Pack Printing and collation
Conference Pack Courier packs to venue
Delegate Management Check online registration process
Delegate Management Prepare/check Acknowledgement & Acceptance emails
Delegate Management Issue invites to email lists
Delegate Management Monitor registration, enter fax and paper requests
Delegate Management Registration deadline
Marketing & web Poster design
Marketing & web Webpage
Marketing & web Adverts
Marketing & web Secure conference review
Marketing & web Press releases
Marketing & web Email industry connections
Marketing & web Exhibitor stands
Final preparation Finalise agenda (post final agenda to website, update venue on agenda)
Final preparation Finalise AV requirements
Final preparation Send agenda, poster, directions & accommodation info. to speakers & advertisers
Final preparation Check travel sites for disruptions
Final preparation Send final info to delegates as necessary
Final preparation Brief conference administrators & floor walkers
Day before event Check delivery of conference packs
Get full conference plan with remaining tasks for the day before your event
On the day! On arrival at venue....
On day, but before delegate arrival...
At the end of the day... Get full conference plan with remaining tasks for the day
Project close Collate evaluations
Project close Pay invoices
Project close Review expenditure against budget
Project close Check on write ups and reviews
Project close Write conference report
Project close Post conference review meeting
Project close Write up lessons learned
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