Duration Estimation Worksheet | Excel Template FREE

Duration Estimation Template in Excel for developing Parametric, Analogous and Three-point estimates. The worksheet includes formulas for calculating PERT Beta distribution and Triangular distribution.

The template is fully editable with Excel and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements. The contents of the template is shown below.
Duration estimation excel template

The contents of the Duration estimation Template in Excel

Document information
Enter the:
  • Project name
  • Project manager
  • Project ID
  • Project sponsor
Parametric estimates
  • Estimate ID
  • WBS ID
  • Task/Activity ID
  • Effort hours
  • Resource quantity
  • Percentage available
  • Performance factor
  • Duration estimate (hours)
Analogous estimates
  • Estimate ID
  • WBS ID
  • Task/Activity ID
  • Previous activity
  • Previous duration
  • Current activity
  • Multiplier
  • Duration estimate
Three-point estimates
  • Estimate ID
  • WBS ID
  • Task/Activity ID
  • Optimistic duration
  • Best quess
  • Pessimistic duration
  • Expected duration estimates (PERT BETA distribution)
    • PERT BETA distribution
    • Triangular distribution
  • Decision number
  • Date decision made
  • Description
  • Impact
  • Approver / decision maker
  • Evidence (when decision made e.g. meeting details, or email title and date)

Download the template!

Excel 97 - 2003 download - Duration estimation worksheet (.xls)

Excel download - Duration estimation worksheet (.xlsx)

OpenDocument Spreadsheet download - Duration estimation worksheet (.ods)

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