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Download an End Project Report. This is a FREE End Project Report template in Word and PDF.
The End Project Report provides a great opportunity to take stock of what went well on a project and what you would do differently next time. stakeholdermap.com
Often the report will be the output of a Post Project review meeting (get a Post Project Review template). All project management methods require an End Project Report in some form and this template is a great starting point as it can be tweaked to match your methodology. In addition there are helpful hints and tips within the template itself.

Take stock of your successes and any lessons learned with this FREE End Project Report Template!

End Project Report

This is a FREE End Project Report Template in Word and PDF. The template is fully editable with Word and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements.

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The contents of the End Project Report Template


Project Details

Project/Programme Name
Enter the name of your Project or Programme.
Enter the name of the Sponsor for the Project or Programme.
Project/Programme Manager
Enter the name of the Project or Programme Manager.
Start Date
Enter the Project or Programme start date.
Completion Date
Enter the Project or Programme completion date.

Part 1: Project Closure

Purpose of the Project

Explain what the project will deliver, why it was needed and what the long-term benefits have been or will be.

Objectives Achieved / Not Achieved

Reference the objectives in the Project Initiation Document (PID) or Project Charter and describe what has been achieved, and what has and has not been achieved with reasons. If there were any changes to the project objectives since the Project Initiation Document (PID) or Project Charter was approved they should be documented here. If any benefits were realized during the life of the project they should also be documented here and measured if possible.

Acceptance and Sign-offs

Describe the sign offs that were completed and have been confirmed at the end of the project. For example user acceptance testing sign off, security and data protection approval legal sign off, milestone sign offs and any official contractually required closure certificates.

Changes made

Using the Change Log document the changes that were approved after the Project Initiation Document (PID) or Project Charter was signed off. For each change document the benefit, cost, time and quality implications of that change.

Outstanding risks and issues

If any risks are relevant post go life or post project close they need to be handed over to the appropriate teams for inclusion in their operationalrisk management. the same goes for any outstanding issues and any outstanding requests for change that were unable to be implemented during the project lifecycle. For example, known defects or workarounds there are acceptable for go-live but need to be resolved in the future.

Post Project review plan

Document the plan of action for the Post Project review with suggested timings, attendees and ownership. Check the benefits realisation plan to help determine the agenda and the timing of the review.

Part 2 review of the effectiveness of project management


Answer the following questions:
  • How well was the project organised?
  • Were roles and responsibilities clear?
  • Did project team have the right mix of skill sets and authority to meet their project responsibilities?
  • Was the business case used for decision-making throughout the lifecycle of the project?
  • Were the stakeholders engaged and managed effectively?
  • Was the communication plan effective?

Planning and Control

How good were the plans and estimates for resources? How good were estimates of effort, time and cost? Were the monitoring and control mechanisms timely and effective? Was governance and control at the right level?
Was stakeholder identification management and engagement successful and effective? Did the stakeholders engaged as expected?

Supplier Management

Were the selection procedures appropriate and effective? Are supplier management processes and procedures effective? Were there any issues with supplier performance?

Quality Management

Did the deliverables meet the quality criteria? Did the team have the right skill mix to deliver quality deliverables? Were any errors or problems detected early enough to fix at lowest possible cost?

Risk and Issue Management

How effective were the risk management processes and procedures? Did any issues occur that could have been predicted? Were the mitigating actions effective? In this section it is worth considering what evidence there is that risk management prevented or reduced the impact of damaging events?

Part 3: Sharing Lessons Learned

Recommended Good Practices

Show examples of good practice from this project that can be shared with other future projects.
Document any examples of things that could have been done better, and document what will be done differently next time.

Notes to help you use the End Project Report Template

This document is a template for an End Project Report. The template includes instructions to the author, and fields that should be replaced with the values specific to the project.

End Project Report template

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