Level 1 data flow diagram

[Level 1 Data Flow Diagram -] this highlights the main functions carried out by the system. As a rule, we try to describe the system using between two and seven functions. SQA

What is a data flow diagram (DFD)?

Data flow diagrams or DFDs help the analysis of systems by showing: - Data sources - What processing happens and by whom - Who uses the data - Where data is stored and when - Outputs produced Representing the complete business system often requires multiple levels of diagram. The top level, is referred to Level 0 or the Context Diagram, it represents the system as one process box. Level 1 data flow diagrams show incoming data flow, processes and output data flows.
Level 1 DFDs should show a process to handle each incoming data flow and a process to generate each output data flow.

Example level 1 data flow diagrams

This example of a level 1 data flow diagrams is free to copy, download and use.

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Level 1 data flow diagram - example

Other example data flow diagrams



Level 1 data flow diagram - references


SQA http://www.sqa.org.uk/e-learning/SDM03CD/page_12.htm

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