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A milestone is a significant marker or point in a project, for example it might be an achievement or an important date or the completion of key part of the delivery.

The milestone list is a list of all the project milestones and includes: milestone title, description, the milestone type, and whether the milestone is associated with a fixed date.
Milestones can be mandatory or optional. For example, some milestones are part of a contractual obligation, often statements of work, particularly for consulting services include payment milestones.

Optional milestones can be used to denote the completion of significant phases or events in the project, for example the project manager may use milestones in the project schedule to help them monitor progress. How to use Project Milestones in your project
Milestone List Template

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The contents of the Milestone List Template


Field Description and Tips to Complete


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Project Manager
  • Document Date

Milestone ID

Give each milestone a milestone ID, this ID can be used to identify the milestone in the project schedule and other documentation.

Milestone title

Give each milestone a title that is as understandable as possible, i.e. a title that the project team will understand.

Milestone Description

Describe the milestone clearly so that the project team and Project Board can understand what it signifies.

Milestone type

Note whether the milestone is mandatory or optional. For example meeting a contract may require the achievement of some milestones. Often Statements of Work may include payment milestones. Others might be optional, for example the project manager may choose to use milestones to denote key points in the project lifecycle. See Project Milestones for more on how to use milestones.

Milestone Date

Some milestones may need to be achieved on or by a certain date. For example 'conference preparations completed' must be accomplished before the conference date. If this is the case enter the date in this field.

Milestone List Template

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