MS Project - Project Plans

Save time and increase your chances of Project Success!

Managing a project and don't know where to start? These Project plans built in Microsoft Project have been used to successfully deliver real world projects and programmes.

Each project plan is part of a package that is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

What you get with each Microsoft Project template

image of a tick symbolMicrosoft Project Project Plan from a real world project

detail snapshot of a software schedule in microsoft project

MS Project Project Plan covering 100s of activities across the whole project lifecycle. Each Template is tailored specifically for the project. Project plans are available for:
  • Organising a large conference
  • A Software implementation project
  • Creating a Web site
  • A 1 day meeting or workshop

Tried and tested on a real world project with notes, resources and linked tasks. All plans are compliant with MS Project 2000 - 2003, MS project 2007 and MS Project 2010.

green tick iconDetailed user guide for your plan

preview image of two pages from the Microsoft Project Plan template - user guide

User guide with advice and guidance on using and configuring your Project plan - over 30 pages covering
  • The MS Project Gantt view
  • Setting project start date and non-working time
  • Managing tasks
  • Managing procurement
  • Project logic
  • Resolving scheduling issues
  • Formatting your plan
  • Glossary and other appendices

Software Implementation project plan

This Microsoft Project - software implementation project plan covers 450 activities across the whole project lifecycle. Key phases are covered including:
  • concept,
  • feasbility and design,
  • build,
  • training and testing,
  • project review and close.
  1. Project template user guide (PDF)
  2. Software Plan (Word) - notes on the project
  3. Software-ProjectPlan-IT (Microsoft Project Document)
  4. Software-ProjectPlan-IT (PDF)
  5. Software-Project-Plan-IT (Excel)
  6. Software-ProjectPlan-IT-MSP-version-2000-2003 (Microsoft Project 2000 - 2003)
  7. Software-ProjectPlan-IT-MSP-version-2010 (Microsoft Project 2010)
Download your software project plan

Simple website project plan

Over 100 activities in a Microsoft Project Plan covering all aspects of creating a website. Key phases include:
  • project documentation,
  • supplier selection,
  • website text,
  • assets images and branding,
  • testing and training.
  1. Project template user guide (PDF)
  2. Simple Website (Word) - notes on the project
  3. Simple-Website (Microsoft Project Document)
  4. Simple-Website (PDF)
  5. Simple-Website (Excel)
  6. Simple-Website-MSP-version-2000-2003 (Microsoft Project 2000 - 2003)
  7. Simple-Website-MSP-version-2010 (Microsoft Project 2010)
Download your website project plan

Small event or workshop project plan

All activities for organising a workshop or 1 day conference/meeting are covered including:
  • delegate management,
  • venue selection,
  • catering,
  • Audio/Visual requirements
  • and event materials.
  1. Project template user guide (PDF)
  2. Small 1 day meeting or workshop (Word) - notes on the project
  3. Small-Event (Microsoft Project Document)
  4. Small-Event-PDF (PDF)
  5. Small-Event (Excel)
  6. Small-Event-MSP-version-2000-2003 (Microsoft Project 2000 - 2003)
  7. Small-Event-MSP-version-2010 (Microsoft Project 2010)
Download your workshop project plan

MS Project Plan for a Large conference

All aspects of organising a large conference are covered including:
  • delegate management,
  • venue selection,
  • Audio/Visual requirements
  • and marketing.
  1. Project template user guide (PDF)
  2. Large 1 day conference (Word) - notes on the project
  3. Large-Conference (Microsoft Project Document)
  4. Large-Conference-PDF (PDF)
  5. Large-Conference (Excel)
  6. Large-Conference-MSP-version-2000-2003 (Microsoft Project 2000 - 2003)
  7. Large-Conference-MSP-version-2010 (Microsoft Project 2010)
Download your conference project plan

Construction repair works plan in PDF

Covers the end to end project project definition, specification, design and tender, construction and project close. Microsoft Project Plan in PDF.
Download a free schedule for construction repair works

Example project schedules in Excel

Since we first published these MS Project plans many new online tools have been created for scheduling projects. Even large projects can be planned and managed using online apps that are often very competitively priced compared to project. Because of this we are developing all of our new schedules in Excel so that they can be easily imported or copied and pasted into any app or scheduling software. See 10 Awesome Project Management apps for an overview of 10 of the stand out apps. See also Meistertask: Task Management's best kept secret for a review of one of our favourites.

Office Move Project Plan in Excel

Relocating your office? Download this free Excel project plan to kick start your schedule. The schedule covers 200 tasks including: Acquiring the property, Space planning, Construction drawings, Install network and cabling, Install security system, and Post move checks.
Download a free schedule for an Office Move

Warehouse Build Project Plan

Managing a Warehouse build? Get a head start on your project schedule with this example plan for 'Building a Warehouse.' This is a comprehensive plan covering the whole project life cycle from planning, through construction to operations handover.
Download a free schedule for a Warehouse Build

Who are these example project plans for?

  • Anyone who wants to save time!
  • Beginners who need a real world project plans
  • Experienced planners who need to get up and running with MS Project quickly
  • Project Managers who are new to MS Project
  • Project Managers who are managing a new type of project
  • Businesses working with supplier or partner
  • Anyone who wants to ensure they have identifed key project tasks

Using these templates with Microsoft Project online

These templates work with Microsoft Project's cloud solution - Project Online. Simply click New project and select Import.

Tailoring your the template for your project

Warning - you need to tailor these plans to your project. The user guide explains how to add, remove and edit tasks and takes you through the things you need to check step-by-step.

The plans are proven on real world projects and created by a qualified Project Manager (Prince 2 Practitioner, APM Practioner, MSP Practioner) with over 12 years experience.

Save time, get a head start and increase your chances of project success!