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Office Move Excel Project Plan

by | reviewed 23/11/2022
Organize the entire process of your office move with this comprehensive plan! It's easy to use and works with any size office space. Download our Office Move Project Schedule.
An Excel project plan for an office relocation

What's in the plan?

The schedule covers 200 tasks including:
  1. Acquiring the property
  2. Space planning
  3. Construction drawings
  4. Contractor procurement
  5. Contractor bid process
  6. Assessing the new building
  7. Install network and cabling
  8. Install security system
  9. Inventory of hardware
  10. Fit out furniture etc
  11. Packing up existing office
  12. New office signage
  13. New office travel, parking info. for staff
  14. Post move checks
  15. Training on new equipment

What you might need to add to this plan

Every project is unique so you will need to add, remove and edit some of the tasks in the schedule. For example, you may need to add tasks for:
  • Hot desk areas
  • Moving meeting rooms
  • Fitting out communal areas
  • Purchasing a pool table
  • Kitchen/refreshment areas
  • Car park access & signage
  • Move of reception & up of new
You may also need to remove tasks, for example, this plan mentions a new fax letterhead, which won't be applicable for much longer!

Duration and dates in this plan

The first 30 odd tasks have suggested durations with a finish and start date. These are just examples and you should change them for your project. For help on how to plan for your particular project see our comprehensive guide How to plan a project.

How to use the template

First download the template using the link below. Unzip the zip folder and save the file.

How to set up your Gantt Chart

  1. Enter the name of your project in cell A1.
  2. Enter the start date and today's date
  3. Enter your name or organization in the 'PM' field.
  4. Check the Settings tab and adjust the settings if you wish. We recommend leaving the default settings.

How to add new summary and sub-tasks

  1. Start entering your tasks. You can add new tasks or overwrite the existing tasks.
  2. Give each task a unique ID. For summary tasks use whole numbers.
  3. Enter the start and end date.
  4. The days planned, elapsed, remaining and overrun will calculate automatically!

How to insert additional tasks

  1. Select the row where you want to add an additional task, right click and select 'Insert'.
  2. Give the task the next unique ID e.g. if the previous task was 1.4 number this task 1.5. It is best practice to align the numbering of tasks in your project plan with the numbering in your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  3. Enter the start and end date.
  4. The Work Days Planned, Elapsed, Remaining and Overrun will calculate automatically!
  5. Update the numbers of the tasks below, so each tasks has a unique ID.
This Excel template uses macros and conditional formatting, but doesn't require any specialist knowledge to use. That said, it is not password protected so you can dig into the code if you wish.

Download the automated Office Move Excel Project Plan

Excel download - Office Move Project Plan (Excel)

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This Gantt chart uses a template created by Chris Read and released under a Freeware license. You can download the template from www.professionalexcel.com/project-manager-gantt-chart/

This template is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/