Post-Project Review Template - FREE download

The Post-Project Review looks back over the project to agree lessons learnt from what went well and what didn't go so well.
This is a FREE Post-Project Review Template. It is designed for review meetings with customers or your internal management team. The deck is a real example used successfully in multiple project review meetings.

You can easily edit each slide, to suit your industry and project. This deck works well with our Lessons Learned Template.
post project review - PowerPoint template

Slides in the Post Project Review template

Meeting Goals
1. To review the [project name]. Identifying what went well and what can be improved on.

2. To identify constructive solutions for future projects.
Ground rules
  • Point fingers
  • Blame others
  • Criticize
  • Offer constructive commments
  • Suggest solutions
  • Be open minded
  • Identify the good and the not so good
Project Summary
Summarise the Project Objectives.
Project Review Topics
Adjust these topics to suit your project.
  • General feedback
  • Time (schedule)
  • Budget
  • Design
  • Process
  • Technical/Quality
  • Training
  • Team/communication
Slides for each topic
Each topic has a slide with space to summarise:
  • What Worked Well

  • Challenges

  • Going Forward
Closing slide for questions.
Thank You
Final slide with space for your contact details.

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Post Project Review Template in .pptx

Post Project Review Template in .ppt

Post Project Review Template - OpenDocument Presentation