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Templates in Mind map, Word and PDF format, PRINCE2 2009

prince2 template in mind map, word and pdf

Templates for Prince 2 projects based on the 2009 edition of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments).

Generic Project templates

Benefits Review Plan

A Benefits Review Plan is used to define how and when a measurement of the achievement of the project's benefits, expected by the Senior User, can be made.

Download the Benefits Review Plan in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Business case

A Business Case is used to document the justification for the undertaking of a project, based on the estimated costs (of development, implementation and incremental ongoing operations and maintenance costs) against the anticipated benefits to be gained and offset by any associated risks.

Download the Business case in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Communication Management Strategy

A Communication Management Strategy contains a description of the means and frequency of communication to parties both internal and external to the project.

Download the Communication Management Strategy in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Configuration Item Record

To provide a record of such information as the history, status, version and variant of each configuration item, and any details of important relationships between them.

Download the Configuration Item Record in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Configuration Management Strategy

A Configuration Management Strategy is used to identify how, and by whom, the project's products will be controlled and protected.

Download the Configuration Management Strategy in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Daily Log

A Daily Log is used to record informal issues, required actions or significant events not caught by other PRINCE2 registers or logs. It acts as the project diary for the Project Manager.

Download the Daily Log in Word, PDF or MindMap format

End Project Report

An End Project Report is used during project closure to review how the project performed against the version of the Project Initiation Document (PID) or Project Charter used to authorize it.

Download the End Project Report in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

End Stage Report

An End Stage Report is used to give a summary of progress to date, the overall project situation, and sufficient information to ask for a Project Board decision on what to do next with the project.

Download the End Stage Report in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Exception Report

An Exception Report is produced when a Stage Plan or Project Plan is forecast to exceed tolerance levels set. It is prepared by the Project Manager in order to inform the Project Board of the situation, and to offer options and recommendations for the way to proceed.

Download the Exception Report in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Highlight Report

A Highlight Report is used to provide the Project Board (and possibly other stakeholders) with a summary of the stage status at intervals defined by them. The Project Board uses the report to monitor stage and project progress. The Project Manager also uses it to advise the Project Board of any potential problems or areas where the Project Board could help.

Download the Highlight Report in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Issue Register

The Purpose of the Issue Register is to capture and maintain information on all of the issues that are being formally managed. The Issue Register should be monitored by the Project Manager on a regular basis.

Download the Issue Register in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Issue Report

An Issue Report is a report containing the description, impact assessment and recommendations for a request for change, off-specification or a problem/concern. It is only created for those issues that need to be handled formally.

Download the Issue Report in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Lessons Log

The Lessons Log is a project repository for lessons that apply to this project or future projects. Some lessons may originate from other projects and should be captured on the Lessons Log for input to the project's strategies and plans. Some lessons may originate from within the project - where new experience (both good and bad) can be passed on to others via a Lessons Report.

Download the Lessons Log in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Lessons Report

The Lessons Report is used to pass on any lessons that can be usefully applied to other projects. The purpose of the report is to provoke action so that the positive lessons become embedded in the organization's way of working, and that the organization is able to avoid any negative lessons on future projects.

Download the Lessons Report in Word, PDF or MindMap format


A plan provides a statement of how and when objectives are to be achieved, by showing the major products, activities and resources required for the scope of the plan. In PRINCE2, there are three levels of plan: project, stage and team. Team Plans are optional and may not need to follow the same composition as a Project Plan or Stage Plan.

Download the Plan in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Product Description

A Product Description is used to:
  • Understand the detailed nature, purpose, function and appearance of the product
  • Define who will use the product
  • Identify the sources of information or supply for the product
  • Identify the level of quality required of the product
  • Enable identification of activities to produce, review and approve the product
  • Define the people or skills required to produce, review and approve the product.

Download the Product Description in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Product Status Account

The Product Status Account provides information about the state of products within defined limits. The limits can vary. For example, the report could cover the entire project, a particular stage, a particular area of the project, or the history of a specific product. It is particularly useful if the Project Manager wishes to confirm the version number of products.

Download the Product Status Account in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Project Brief

A Project Brief is used to provide a full and firm foundation for the initiation of the project and is created in the Starting up a Project process.
In the Initiating a Project process, the contents of the Project Brief are extended and refined in the Project Initiation Documentation, after which the Project Brief is no longer maintained.

Download the Project Brief in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Project Initiation Documentation

The purpose of the Project Initiation Documentation is to define the project, in order to form the basis for its management and an assessment of its overall success. The Project Initiation Documentation gives the direction and scope of the project and (along with the Stage Plan) forms the 'contract' between the Project Manager and the Project Board.

Download the Project Initiation Documentation in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Project Product Description

The Project Product Description is a special form of Product Description that defines what the project must deliver in order to gain acceptance. It is used to:
  • Gain agreement from the user on the project's scope and requirements
  • Define the customer's quality expectations
  • Define the acceptance criteria, method and responsibilities for the project

Download the Project Product Description in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Quality Management Strategy

A Quality Management Strategy is used to define the quality techniques and standards to be applied, and the various responsibilities for achieving the required quality levels, during the project.

Download the Quality Management Strategy in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Quality Register

A Quality Register is used to summarize all the quality management activities that are planned or have taken place, and provides information for the End Stage Reports and End Project Report. Its purpose is to:
- Issue a unique reference for each quality activity
- Act as a pointer to the quality records for a product
- Act as a summary of the number and type of quality activities undertaken.

Download the Quality Register in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Risk Management Strategy

A Risk Management Strategy describes the specificrisk management techniques and standards to be applied and the responsibilities for achieving an effective risk management procedure.

Download the Risk Management Strategy in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

Risk Register

A Risk Register provides a record of identified risks relating to the project, including their status and history. It is used to capture and maintain information on all of the identified threats and opportunities relating to the project.

Download the Risk Register in Word, PDF or MindMap format

Work Package

A Work Package is a set of information about one or more required products collated by the Project Manager to pass responsibility for work or delivery formally to a Team Manager or team member.

Download the Work Package in Word, PDF or Mindmap format

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