Program Level Highlight Report

In Program Management the Highlight Report is used to provide a high level snapshot of the progress of the projects that input into the program.
This Free Highlight report is designed to be a simple one page, 'at a glance' overview of progress. It includes a traffic light or RAG status for each project in the program. Download available in Word or PDF format.
program highlight report template

The contents of the Program Highlight Report

  • Program Name - The name of the program.
  • Program ID - The unique identifier of the program.
  • Completed by - The person who completed the report.
  • Reporting Period - The period that the Highlight Report covers.
  • Date completed - Date that the report was completed.
  • Distribution to - Who will receive the report.
  • Main achievements - Document the main achievements during the reporting period.
  • Next period - What work is planned or due in the next reporting period.
  • Team/Project - Name of the Project, Project Manager or Team Manager.
  • Deliverables due this period - List out the deliverables that were due to be completed during this reporting period.
  • Status - Provide traffic light or RAG status for each project or team.
      For example:
    • Green means progress is on plan i.e. running to schedule, cost and quality,
    • Amber means there is an issue, but it is being managed and there is a plan to get to green,
    • Red means there is an issue that is blocking progress and needs a plan to resolve.
  • Explanation of status - For each project or team give an explanation of the RAG status. For example 'Amber status reflects delay to x deliverable, due to change in scope. A change order is being raised and will be submitted to the Programme Board on x date'.
  • Slippage and remedial action - For each project or team that is not tracking to plan, note down the slippage from project tolerance and the actions that will be taken put the project back on track.
  • Problems or Concerns - Document any other concerns, risks or problems that may impact Program progress.

Program Highlight Report template

Word download - Program Highlight Report (Word .doc)

Word docx download - Program Highlight Report (Word .docx)

PDF download - Program Highlight Report (PDF)

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