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Project Actions Template | Excel Template FREE Download

by | reviewed 24/11/2022
The project action list includes the description, action owner, priority, due date and progress notes. It should be updated regularly particularly in or following project team meetings. Many project managers will review the action list as part of regular progress meetings with their team. stakeholdermap.com
Use this FREE template to capture all of the key information you need to track the progress of your project actions.
This is a FREE Project Actions Template in Excel and PDF. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Excel and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements.

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Project Actions Template

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The contents of the Project Actions Template

project details and reporting period


Action Item No.

Give each action a unique ID so that it can be tracked easily and cross referenced for example in a Change Request or a Risk Register. Example: AI01, AI02, AI03...

Date Opened

The date the action was opened, i.e. the date that the project team agreed that the action needs to be completed.


A clear description of the action to be taken along with any relevant cross references e.g. to a change request or risk.


A simple rating that categorises the importance and/or urgency of the action. "H" denotes High Priority. "M" denotes "Medium Priority." "L" denotes "Low Priority." To change the menu items go to the Data Tab > Data Tools > Data Validation. Select the settings tab and enter the new menu items in the Source: field.

Responsible Party

The individual responsible for ensuring that an action item is carried out in the agreed upon manner. This isn't necessarily the person who will actually complete the action, but they will take ownership and accountability for the action.

Due Date

The date the action item is expected to be closed or needs to be closed.

Completion Date

The actual date the action item was closed.

Progress Notes

Progress of an action item to date. Start with the date, and then briefly describe what has been accomplished. EXAMPLE: "MM/DD/YYYY - Enter Notes."


In this section, please select which action items have been Open (not resolved yet,) Cancelled (No Action Deemed Necessary,) Closed (resolved,) Deferred (put on hold.)

Project Actions Template

Excel download - Project Actions Template (Excel .xls)

Excel download - Project Actions Template (Excel .xlsx)

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