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The Assumptions Log is used to record the project assumptions and constraints. An assumption is something that is assumed to be true, but not proven or known to be true. For example an assumption that:
  • a person with a particular skill set will available
  • materials will be available at a certain cost
  • a component will be available at a certain date
  • the estimated duration for shipping is correct
It is important to validate assumptions because if they are found not to be correct they can cause delays, additional cost or effort and impact project quality.
Constraints are restrictions or limitations, for example a fixed date or cost, or a list of suppliers that must be used.

The Assumption Log should align with the Project Charter, Risk Register and Issue Log. It is referred to throughout the project and may be added to by the project team and other project documentation.

The project assumptions log should be referred to and inform the requirements, scheduling, estimating, resource planning, risk management and scope management.

Use this FREE template to capture all of the key information you need to document and track project assumptions.
Project Assumptions Template
This is a FREE Project Assumptions Template in Excel .xls and .xlsx. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Excel and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements.

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The contents of the Project Assumptions Template


Field Description and guidance completion


Project details


Assumption ID

Give each assumption a unique ID so that it can be tracked easily and cross referenced.


Enter the category of the assumption. This category will likely be specific the project industry/type so no suggestions are provided here. If a category is not needed this Field can be changed or removed.

Description of assumption/constraint

A clear description of the assumption or constraint. For example 'it is assumed that the internal training team will deliver the administrator training'.

Responsible party

The individual responsible for ensuring that the assumption is validated in the agreed upon manner.

Due date

The date the assumption is need to be validated or is expected to be validated.

Actions to validate the assumptions

Document the actions that need to be carried out to validate the assumption. Include any updates needed to other project documentation for example the Project Charter, Issue Log and Risk Register.


The status of each assumption. For example, Open (not yet validated), Not valid (the assumption is not correct), Valid (this assumption is valid).


Add any relevant comments here. For example, follow-on actions for assumptions that are not valid. In these cases it may be necessary to review the business case, project charter, risks, issues etc. .

Project Assumptions Template

Excel download - Project Assumptions Template (Excel .xls)

Excel download - Project Assumptions Template (Excel .xlsx)


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