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The Project Management Plan brings together all of the PMBOK management plans into a comprehensive whole that shows how the project team will carry out the work, monitor progress, control the outputs and close the project.

The Project Management Plan is the project’s operating manual. It includes a description of the Project Life Cycle, the development approach to be used for the deliverables, the Project Tolerances or variance thresholds, and how the Baselines will be managed.

While it does include its own information, the bulk of the plan will be made up of subsidiary plans for example the:

Most projects will have also management plans that are relevant to the industry or the nature of the deliverables. For example, a Logistics Management Plan or a Safety Management Plan.

The Project Management Plan is developed during the preparation or initiation phase of the project lifecycle.

This template includes all of the areas you need to cover, with includes useful hints and tips to help you complete each section.

Project Management Plan Template

This is a FREE Project Management Plan Template in Word and PDF. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Word and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements. See what is in the Template! Check out the Contents complete with Hints and Tips on how to use.

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The contents of the Project Management Plan Template

Field Description and Tips to Complete


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Document information: ID, owner, issue date, last saved date, file name or path
  • Document history: version, issue date, changes.
  • Document approvals: role, name, signature, date

Project Lifecycle

Describe the project life cycle. This may be tailored to the industry, or to a particular project management method, it should include phases for a controlled start, the work itself, quality assurance, and project close.
Phase Key Activities Key Deliverables

Phase Reviews Entry Criteria Exit Criteria

Development Approaches

Describe the development approach that will be used to create each Deliverable. Approaches could use a traditional waterfall method, an iterative approach or an agile approach.
Deliverable Development Approach

Subsidiary Management Plans

Note the supplementary management plans for the project. You can reference file names and file-paths or include hyperlinks to electronic versions of the plans.
Name Comment
Other Plans  

Variance Thresholds

Document the allowable variances for each aspect of the project. Include the baseline from which variances will measured. For example, allowable scope variance for chosen building material might be a flame spread rating of between 10 and 20 (class I). Unacceptable building material would have a class II or lower rating.


Attach all project baselines.

Project Management Plan Template

Word download - Project Management Plan Template (Word .doc)

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