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Projects are fast moving and project meetings need to be effectively and efficiently managed. This is our favourite template for managing our projects and has been used for everything from multi-million pound IT projects to small volunteer community projects. The additional notes and outstanding actions sections are optional and I often remove them to keep things super simple.
Actions template for project meetings

Project Meeting Template contents

Meeting information
  • Meeting title
  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Chair
  • Note taker (scribe)
Attendee names


Actions from this meeting
  • Number
  • Action description
  • Owner
  • Due date
Project actions template for meetings
Outstanding actions from the previous meeting
actions from previous meeting and space for decisions in project meeting template

Why no space for discussions?

When I was first working in project management in the civil service (almost two decades ago), I was expected to capture meeting discussions as well as actions. It felt like a spent my life writing 'he said this' and 'the meeting discussed that'. It was a total waste of time and after a process improvement workshop we agreed to record actions only.

I have never been asked to capture more than actions since then and the practice thankfully seems to have disappeared. If you have to record discussions you can easily add a section, but I strongly advise you to fight tooth and nail to avoid it. Life is too short!

Project Meeting template

Word download - Meeting Actions (Word)

PDF download - Meeting Actions (PDF)

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