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Project Proposal Template | FREE Download

Download this comprehensive project proposal template designed to streamline the planning process. It features sections on objectives, scope, background, team roles, methodology, milestones, budget, and expected outcomes. This template is ideal for project managers and teams looking to create a clear, organized, and effective proposal for any type of project.

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The contents of the Project Proposal Template


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Document information: ID, owner, issue date, last saved date, file name or path
  • Document history: version, issue date, changes.
  • Document approvals: role, name, signature, date

1. Overview and Objectives

Provide a brief description of project with a concise statement of the primary goal(s) of the project.

1.1. Background

Briefly describe the context, issues, or problems the project aims to address

1.2. Scope

Define the extent and boundaries of the project, including key deliverables, stakeholders, and any limitations. Some example tables are shown below which you can edit or delete to suit your proposal.

Key Deliverables

List the key deliverables or products that the project will create. Adjust the example table below to suit your project.
An example table that can be used to list project deliverables in a project proposal template


List the people/groups who will be impacted or have an interest in the project. Adjust the table below to suit your project. This will form the basis of your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy if the project goes ahead.
An example table that can be used to list stakeholders for a project proposal template

2 Project Team

Describe the proposed project team.
  • Will the team be co-located or virtual.
  • How will they communicate / work together?
  • Will they be seconded to the project for the duration or booked on the project for their discreet tasks?
  • Will their manager or reporting lines change for the duration of the project?
  • Are they internal, external?
  • Are they already in post or a new hire?

2.1 Roles and Responsibilities

List the key team members, their roles, and responsibilities within the project.
Example table for roles and responsbilities in a project proposal template

2.2 Skills and Expertise

Describe the skills and expertise required for the project, and how the proposed team members meet these requirements.


Skills required

Qualifications / level of expertise required

Source (new hire, internal team, contractor)




Global Dev team (India)


Marketing / brand guidelines

N/A existing hire

Our marketing team

Project Manager

Marketing and IT project delivery

PMP or APMP certified

Contractor, source via HR’s approved recruiter.






3. Project Implementation

In this section set out how you plan to deliver the project. Outline the approach and methods to be used. For example,

"To establish the most appropriate approach for this project the feasibility team used a checklist to choose between a Waterfall or Agile. The results indicated that as this is a software development project without clear requirements, an Agile approach should be used. We will use Scrum as the Dev team already have experience of using it."

3.1 Project Timeline

Provide an estimated project timeline, including major milestones, deliverables, and dependencies. At this stage the timeline can show quarters or months rather than dates. The table below is a good example for an agile project.

The durations for each sprint and other milestones may vary based on your specific project needs. The table above assumes two-week sprints, which is a common duration in Scrum projects. Update the expected start and end dates according to your project schedule.
An example milestone table for a project proposal template.

3.2 Resource Requirements

Detail the resources required for the project, including personnel, equipment, software, and facilities. This section might duplicate information above so it can just include non-human resources.

3.3. Risk and Contingencies

Identify potential risks, challenges, and uncertainties, and outline contingency plans to address them. A simple risk register can be used.

4. Cost Estimates

Provide a detailed breakdown of the project costs, including labor, materials, equipment, software, and other expenses. For example, the table below provides a simple high-level structure for a software development project budget. You may need to add or remove budget items depending on the nature and complexity of your project.

Budget Item


Estimated Cost


Salaries and wages for developers, testers, designers, and project managers


Software Licenses

Cost of software tools and platforms used in development and testing


Hardware & Infrastructure

Servers, workstations, and other hardware needed for development and testing


Training & Development

Training and certification costs for team members


Outsourced Services

Third-party services, such as cloud hosting or specialized development tasks


Travel & Accommodation

Travel and lodging costs for meetings, conferences, and other project-related events


Contingency Fund

Buffer for unforeseen expenses and cost overruns



Sum of all estimated costs

$[Total Amount]


4.1 Funding Sources

Identify the sources of funding for the project, including grants, loans, sponsorships, or internal financing

4.2 Cost Control and Monitoring

Describe the processes and procedures for monitoring and controlling project costs throughout its duration.

5. Expected Outcomes and Benefits

Describe the anticipated benefits of the project for the organization, Stakeholders, and end-users.

5.1 KPIs

Define KPIs for the projected project goals and benefits. These KPIs will be used to measure the success of the project.

6. Project Monitoring and Reporting

Describe how project progress will be monitored and controlled. Include how the project will be governed, for example, will direction be provided by a project board or steering group? Set out the governing body will be kept up to date, for example, by listing the reports that will be produced.

Project Proposal Template

Word download - Project Proposal Template (.doc)

Word download - Project Proposal Template (.docx)

OpenDocument download - Project Proposal Template (.odt)

PDF download - Project Proposal Template (PDF)

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