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Boost Team Performance with the Team Performance Assessment Template! Assess technical skills, teamwork, morale, and more. Identify areas for improvement and take action for success. Grab the template today and optimize your projects.

The Team Performance Assessment template is a valuable tool for project managers seeking to identify areas of improvement within their teams. This comprehensive template covers technical and interpersonal competencies and general characteristics like team morale and cohesiveness. With our template, you'll gain valuable insights into the performance of your project team so you can make informed decisions for improvement.

What's in the Template?

The Team Member Status Report Template contains the following sections:
  1. Project details and document control: Provide essential information such as your logo, company name, project name, reference, version number, and dates. Document information and history, including approvals, are also captured for easy tracking and reference.
  2. Technical Performance: This section evaluates the team's proficiency in essential project management procedures. Assess their ability to deliver and manage scope, quality, schedule, and costs. Utilize corresponding plans and audits for reference during the assessment.
  3. Teamwork: Explore how well your team collaborates and works together. Evaluate effective communication, teamwork, conflict handling, and decision-making processes. The Team Charter serves as a valuable resource for completing this section.
  4. Team Morale: Gauge team members' overall satisfaction and positivity regarding the team and the project. Identify any potential changes or improvements needed to boost morale, such as revisiting the Project Charter or optimizing working conditions.
  5. Areas for Development and Action: Highlight specific areas requiring improvement and define clear actions, assigning ownership and setting due dates to ensure accountability and progress.
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The contents of the Team Member Status Report Template


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Your logo and company name
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Version Number
  • Date
  • Document Information: document ID, owner, issue date, last saved date, filename
  • Document History: version, version issue date, changes
  • Document approvals: role, name, signature, date

Technical Performance

This section focuses on the ‘hard’ skills of the project team. That is, how well key project management procedures are delivered.

Scope Management

Please rate the team's ability to deliver & manage the scope of the project and product. Justify your rating with comments that describe instances or aspects of scope performance. Refer to the Scope Management Plan to help you assess performance.
You can use a table and rating scale like the one below:
A screenshot of a table in Microsoft Word that a project manager can use to rate the performance of the project team in managing the project scope. The rating scale is: exceeds standard, meets standard and needs improvement.

Quality Management

Rate how well the team is delivering and managing quality. Refer to the Quality Management Plan and Quality Audits.

Schedule Management

Assess how well the team is delivering and managing the project schedule. Refer to the Schedule Management Plan, Work Breakdown Structures, and Project plans.

Cost Management

Assess how well the team is monitoring and controlling project costs. Refer to the Cost Management Plan, cost estimates and budget tracking spreadsheets.


This section focuses on how well the team works together. Do people feel like they are listened to and supported? Is work shared and contributions valued? Is there much conflict, and how well is it handled?


Does everyone know what they need to do and when? Are the team clear on who does what and whom to speak to about issues? How does the team keep in touch, and how well is it working?

Working Together

How well does the team work together? Do the individual members feel part of the team? Refer to the Team Charter to complete this section.

Conflict Handling

Do the team get on? When there is conflict, how is it handled? Team members will have some disagreements, which is ok; in high-performing teams, the conflict will be quickly resolved so everyone can move on

Decision Making

How well are decisions made? Does everyone know whom to go to for decisions? Does everyone understand the Project Tolerances, and is there a straightforward escalation process? Does this work smoothly when decisions must be made at a senior level?

Team Morale

How is everyone? Are team members generally positive about the team and the project? Do any changes need to be made to improve morale, e.g., the Project Charter or working conditions?

Areas for Development and Action

Note any areas that need improvement along with clear actions, action owners, and a due date.
A screenshot of a table for noting down areas that a project team can improve on, with actions, action owner and due date.

How to use the template

The Team Performance Assessment template provides a user-friendly format for easy navigation and utilization. Follow the guidelines and prompts in each section to assess your team's performance accurately. The template also includes helpful hints and tips to maximize its effectiveness.

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Grab our Team Performance Assessment Template today and empower your project manager skills. Achieve a higher level of team performance and drive success in your projects.

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