Project Templates - templates for project managers

These Project Management Templates are FREE to download in commonly used Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PPT and Visio. Most are also available in PDF format. They are used on real-world projects and are easy to edit and change for your specific project.

Need project management templates? See these links to project management templates, microsoft project schedules, job descriptions for project managers, a template software project schedule and a project plan for a large conference.

Business Case Template

Free template, download in Word (docx) or PDF. This is the most comprehensive template for a business case available. It covers all of the sections required for assessing, reviewing and approving a project. Each section includes hints and tips for completion. Download the template in PDF or Word.

Conference Project Plan

Planning a conference or events? Use this free conference planning mindmap. This is an interactive mindmap which allows you to expand and contract key conference planning tasks focusing on the detail or the overall plan.

Job Descriptions for Project Managers

- Hiring a Project Manager? Use these example job descriptions to formulate your job role. Examples are from public and private sector. Includes a Senior Project Manager, IT Project Manager and Project Administrator.

Templates for Project Management

Save time using these free Project templates! Project Management templates for downloading. Free: These templates have all been used on real world projects and programmes. All are free to download and use.

Project Initiation Document Template

Download our FREE PID template with hits, tips and example text that you can use for your project.

Microsoft Project plan templates

MS Project Example project plans, based on real world successful projects. Project plans for a software project, a conference, a website, an e-learning DVDi and a meeting or workshop. Project plans in MS Project 2007.

Mindmap Project Plan Template

Mindmapping is an effective way to plan a project because it uses the brain's natural way of thinking and making connections. This MindMap template can be imported to Mindmeister and used Online to plan your project collaboratively with you team.

Prince2 Templates

All of the Prince2 templates in Mindmap, Word or Excel format. All of the Prince2 OGC 2009 templates are included from the Business case to the Risk Register and Work Package.

Resource Planning Template

Use this proven template to plan your Project Resource. By Downloading this free resource planning template you can quickly produce a high-quality plan for your project resources!

Risk Register template

The Risk Register is essential to the management of risk. Use this free risk register to manage risks. As risks are identified log them on the register.

Safety Method Statement

Safety Method Statements are most often used in Construction Management where they are useful for complex or high risk work and can form a helpful aid for contractors and employees about how the work should be done. This is a FREE template for Construction Project.

Software project schedule

Managing a Software project? Save time by using this Software Implementation Plan tested on real world projects. The plan uses Microsoft Project and includes a user guide and acommpanying video.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Excel Template

This is an excel template for a work breakdown structure (WBS). These are typically created in a hierarchical format like an organisation structure. However, there is no reason why they can't be created more of a flat format and often are. This template is ideal for creating a WBS in Excel and includes instructions on how to complete the fields.

Vision Statement Template

A Vision statement is used in Programme Management to document and communicate the strategy for a programme of work. It is referred to and checked against throughout the programme lifecycle to ensure continued strategic alignment. Get a Vision Statement Template - FREE Word Download

Microsoft Project Templates

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