Project Templates - templates for project managers

These Project Management Templates are FREE to download in commonly used Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PPT and Visio. Most are also available in PDF format. They are used on real-world projects and are easy to edit and change for your specific project.

Need project management templates? See these links to project management templates, microsoft project schedules, job descriptions for project managers, a template software project schedule and a project plan for a large conference.

Project Actions Template [Excel]

Keeping track of project actions is an essential part of managing a project. The project action list should include a description, action owner, priority, due date and progress notes.

Use this FREE template to capture all of the key information you need to track the progress of your project actions.

Project Assumptions Template

Download a FREE Project Assumptions Template. An assumption is something that is assumed to be true, but not proven or known to be true. Use this template to capture all of the key information you need to document and track project assumptions.

Project Brief Template

The Project Brief is a key document in the Project Lifecycle. It provides a description of what the project will do and forms the basis of the Project Initiation Document (PID). To get a head start on your project download this FREE Project Brief Template. Download this template in PDF and Word.

Simple Project Budgeting worksheet

This is a Simple Project Budgeting template in Excel and PDF. Track materials, labor, tools, actual and estimated costs

FREE Project budgeting worksheet in Excel.

Business Case Template

Free template, download in Word (docx) or PDF. This is the most comprehensive template for a business case available. It covers all of the sections required for assessing, reviewing and approving a project. Each section includes hints and tips for completion. Download the template in PDF or Word.

Change Management Plan Template

Download a FREE Change Management Plan Template. The Change management plan defines the change control process and describes how it will be managed.

Change Request Template

This Change Request Template is the perfect tool to ensure changes are successfully managed. It includes the change description, the reason for the request, the options that have been considered and an analysis of the impact. Download this template in Word and PDF.

Project Charter Template

This is a FREE Project Charter Template in Word and PDF. The Project Charter formally authorises the project and gives the project manager the authority they need to start project activities and gather the resources needed. Download this template in Word and PDF..

Conference Project Plan

Planning a conference or events? Use this free conference planning mindmap. This is an interactive mindmap which allows you to expand and contract key conference planning tasks focusing on the detail or the overall plan.

Duration Estimation Template

Develop Parametric, Analogous and Three-point estimates using this worksheet. Includes formulas for PERT Beta distribution and Triangular distribution.

End Project Report

The End Project Report provides a great opportunity to take stock of what went well on a project and what you would do differently next time. This is a FREE End Project Report template in Word and PDF.

Excel Project Plan Template

Planning a project? Download this free Excel project plan template to kick start your schedule. Download the template in Excel.

Job Descriptions for Project Managers

- Hiring a Project Manager? Use these example job descriptions to formulate your job role. Examples are from public and private sector. Includes a Senior Project Manager, IT Project Manager and Project Administrator.

Templates for Project Management

Save time using these free Project templates! Project Management templates for downloading. Free: These templates have all been used on real world projects and programmes. All are free to download and use.

Project Initiation Document Template

Download our FREE PID template with hits, tips and example text that you can use for your project.

Lessons Learned Template

FREE Lessons Learned Template in Excel. During a project the team should document the lessons they have learned whether positive or negative. For example a note that a task took longer than estimated or that new process reduced costs. Download this free template and use it on your project today.

Marketing Budget Template

This is a super simple template for creating a marketing budget. It prompts you to think about all the key costs you need to consider when creating a marketing budget.

Marketing Campaign Excel Project Plan

This comprehensive plan for a marketing campaign includes crucial steps such as defining objectives, developing strategy, allocating budget, creating compelling content, and evaluating results.

Marketing Plan Template

Growing your business can seem complex and daunting. Putting together a Marketing Plan will help you work out how to find new customers and sell more. Get a head start by downloading this FREE Marketing Plan Template.

Microsoft Project plan templates

MS Project Example project plans, based on real world successful projects. Project plans for a software project, a conference, a website, an e-learning DVDi and a meeting or workshop. Project plans in MS Project 2007.

Mindmap Project Plan Template

Mindmapping is an effective way to plan a project because it uses the brain's natural way of thinking and making connections. This MindMap template can be imported to Mindmeister and used Online to plan your project collaboratively with you team.

Prince2 Templates

All of the Prince2 templates in Mindmap, Word or Excel format. All of the Prince2 OGC 2009 templates are included from the Business case to the Risk Register and Work Package.

Project Management Plan Template

Download a FREE Project Management Plan Template. The Project management plan brings together all of the management plans into a comprehensive whole that shows how the project team will carry out the work, monitor progress, control the outputs and close the project.

Office Move Project Plan

Office Move Excel Project Plan. Relocating your office? Download this free Excel project plan to kick start your schedule.

RAID log template

Download a RAID log Template in Excel. RAID is a highly effective project tool for logging Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions.

Requirements Management Plan Template

Download a FREE Requirements Management Plan Template. The Requirements Management Plan sets out how project requirements will be managed. Use this template to capture all of the key information you need.

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Download a FREE Requirements Traceability Matrix. The Requirements Traceability Matrix is used to track the project requirements through the Project Life-Cycle. It documents each requirement, the source of the requirement and traces how the requirement will be addressed through the project deliverables.

Resource Planning Template

Use this proven template to plan your Project Resources. By Downloading this free resource planning template you can quickly produce a high-quality plan for your project resources!

Responsibility Assignment Matrix Template

Download a FREE Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) Template. The RAM shows 'who does what' on a work package or task. It is a popular tool because it shows what is expected of each member of the project team 'at a glance'

Risk Management Plan Template

The Risk Management Plan sets out how risks will be managed on a project. This is not just a template! It includes a wealth of hints and tips along with examples of a:
  • risk management method
  • a model risk management process
  • risk report form
  • risk assessment method

Risk Register of Common Project Risks

This is a Complete risk register that contains 20 common project risks with mitigating and contingency actions that you can take against each one.

Risk Register template

The Risk Register is essential to the management of risk. Use this free risk register to manage risks. As risks are identified log them on the register. Download this free RISK REGISTER in Excel and Word.

Safety Method Statement

Safety Method Statements are most often used in Construction Management where they are useful for complex or high risk work and can form a helpful aid for contractors and employees about how the work should be done. This is a FREE template for Construction Project.

Scope Management Template

Download a FREE Scope Management Plan Template. This template describes how the project scope will be identified and defined, how it will be developed, then maintained, controlled and validated. Use this template to capture all of the key information you need.

Project Scope Statement Template

Download a FREE project scope Statement Template. A project scope statement is a detailed document which describes the project scope, the project deliverables, acceptance criteria, exclusions, assumptions and constraints. Use this template to capture all of the key information you need.

Software project schedule

Managing a Software project? Save time by using this Software Implementation Plan tested on real world projects. The plan uses Microsoft Project and includes a user guide and acommpanying video.

Project Start Up Report

Project StartUp Report template FREE download. This simple, but effective report is an 'at a glance' summary of a project which can be delivered on Project Startup to any group overseeing corporate strategy for example the Company Board, Large Projects Steering Groups or Strategy Groups. Download the Start Up report in Word and PDF.

Project Status Report Templates

Templates for project reporting. Ideal for providing progress updates to clients and the Project Board.

FREE Project Status Report template in Word and PDF.

FREE Project Status Report template in Excel.

Warehouse Build Excel Project Plan

Managing a Warehouse build? Get a head start on your project schedule with this example plan for 'Building a Warehouse.' This is a comprehensive plan covering the whole project life cycle from planning, through construction to operations handover.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Excel Template

This is an excel template for a work breakdown structure (WBS). These are typically created in a hierarchical format like an organization structure. However, there is no reason why they can't be created more of a flat format and often are. This template is ideal for creating a WBS in Excel and includes instructions on how to complete the fields.

Test Case Excel Template

Software Test Case Template in Excel. This template is simple to use and includes worksheets for regression, load and system and integration tests.

Vision Statement Template

A Vision statement is used in Programme Management to document and communicate the strategy for a programme of work. It is referred to and checked against throughout the programme lifecycle to ensure continued strategic alignment. Get a Vision Statement Template - FREE Word Download