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This is a FREE template which you can use to document your project's quality audits. It prompts you to identify good practices to share, areas for improvement, and to create an action plan for any deficiencies. Sections may be added, removed, or amended to suit your project. Tables have been added with example text, these are just a suggestion; you may decide to format these sections differently.

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What is a Quality Audit?

A quality audit is a method that involves a systematic and independent examination of various aspects of a project or product. It can encompass any aspect of the project or product, and common areas of focus include project processes, project documents, product requirements, product documentation, repairing of defects or deficiencies, compliance with organizational policies and procedures, compliance with the Quality Management Plan, good practices from similar projects, areas for improvement, and description of defects or deficiencies. stakeholdermap.com
Audits should be customized to meet the specific needs of the project. Any defects or deficiencies should include action items, a responsible party, and a due date for compliance. The technique of quality audit is a part of the process 8.2 Manage Quality in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. The project's quality audits should align with the Quality Management Plan.

The contents of the Quality Audit Template


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Document information: ID, owner, issue date, last saved date, file name or path
  • Document history: version, issue date, changes.
  • Document approvals: role, name, signature, date

Area audited

In the table, tick the area(s) that have been audited. Blanks are provided to add an area not on the list.
Areas that have been audited

[  ] Adherence to Project Methodology

[  ] Quality Management

[  ] Project Specific Processes

[  ] Resource Management

[  ] Change Management

[  ] Scope Management

[  ] Configuration Management

[  ] Testing (unit & user)

[  ] Project Planning

[  ] Training

[  ] Project Documentation

[  ]

[  ]

[  ]


Good practices to share

List the good practice that you have found. Include whether any of the practice will be shared and/or added to the organizations project methodology.

What worked well?

Why did it work well?

Will this be shared and if so, how?

The train the trainer approach.

It shortened the training schedule by 50% because the team were able to empower the customer’s existing training team of 5+ trainers.

Yes, share at next Project Management team meeting. Add to our team wide Lessons Learned log.











General feedback on what went well

Add your general/overall comments and observations.

Areas for improvement

Describe what didn’t work so well and why. Try to explain how this can be improved/corrected in future.

What didn’t work so well?

Why did it go wrong?

Will this be shared and if so, how?

Customer acceptance was delayed leading to a delay in payment.

The customer didn’t agree upfront i.e., in the project start-up phase, to the acceptance criteria, and insisted all defects, even those with workarounds, be fixed first.

Yes, share at next Project Management team meeting. Add to our team wide Lessons Learned log that acceptance criteria need to be signed-off before moving to the build phase of the project life cycle.











General feedback on what didn't go well

Add your general/overall comments and observations.

Deficiencies or defects

List any items that need to be corrected following the quality audit.




Responsible party

Due date


Docs are missing from the project online file system.

Upload all.

Project Manager.

Within 5 days.


A Change Request was not completed for a small change of zero value. Regardless of effort all changes from the SOW or design must be recorded.

Complete a retrospective change request.

Project Manager.

With 30 days.











Quality Audit Template

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