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The Requirements Traceability Matrix is used to track the project requirements through the Project Life-Cycle. It documents each requirement, the source of the requirement and traces how the requirement will be addressed through the project deliverables.
Requirements Traceability Matrices are particularly important because they provide the ability to draw a direct line between the project business objectives, and the requirements that will deliver the objectives.

Use this FREE template to capture all of the key information you need to document and track project requirements.
Requirements Traceability Matrix
This is a FREE Requirements Traceability Matrix in Excel .xls and .xlsx. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Excel and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements.

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The contents of the Requirements Traceability Matrix


Project details


Requirement ID

Give each requirement a unique identifier or reference so that it can be easily traced throughout the project life-cycle. If you have separate requirements gathering document the ID should come from there. Get a requirements gathering template.


Provide a category for the requirement typical categories are: functional, non-functional, usability, security, performance, maintainability etc.


Describe the requirement that needs to be met by the project. The requirement might be a product, some product functionality, a service, or a result.


Provide a priority for the requirement. For example, mandatory, should have, nice to have or high, medium, low.


Enter the name of the stakeholder that identified the requirement.

Business Objective

Document the business objective that this requirement will meet or help to meet. The business objective will come from the project charter or the Project business Case.


List the deliverable or deliverables that will make up this requirement.


Explain how you will test that the requirement is completed satisfactorily. For example 99.9% uptime for user acceptance of software.


Explain how the requirement will be validated or tested. This will often be via user acceptance testing, but it might also be by the achievement of a milestone or perhaps by the completion of a key performance indicator.

Requirements Traceability Matrix Download

Excel download - Requirements Traceability Matrix (Excel .xls)

Excel download - Requirements Traceability Matrix (Excel .xlsx)

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Customising this template

These templates are made in Excel, so they provide a great and very flexible way of capturing your project requirements. However, for large or complex projects you may choose to use some specialist requirements management software.

If your project has several suppliers you might want to add a column indicating which supplier is accountable for meeting that particular requirement.

To make sure each requirement can be linked to the project schedule and the WBS, we suggest adding the unique reference number from the WBS for each requirement. Later in the project you may also want to add to the relevant test cases that will be used to test that the requirement meets the business objective.

In the spreadsheet itself you might also decide that you want to organise or use an outline format in which the business requirements is it parent level and the technical requirements are at subordinate levels. The great thing about Excel is that this can easily be done by using filtering or group by functionality.

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