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Resource Requirements Template in Excel. This template is for recording the resources that you need to deliver your project. Resources can include people, machines, hardware or software, equipment, material, supplies, locations etc.

The completed list of resources feeds into your duration estimates, project schedule, risk register and procurement plans. In the PMBOK Guide - Sixth Edition, a resource requirement form is an output of process 9.2 Estimate Activity Resources.

The template is fully editable with Excel and can be converted or changed to suit your project. The contents of the template is shown below.
Resource Requirements excel template

The contents of the Requirements gathering template

Document information
Enter the:
  • Project name
  • Project manager
  • Project sponsor
  • Project ID
  • Date
Resource ID
Give each resource requirement a unique identifier or reference so that it can be easily traced.
Type of Resource
Enter the type of the resource. For example, a person, machine, hardware or software, equipment, material, supplies and locations.
Resource details/spec
Give the details of the resource required. Include product spec or skill set. Whatever is need to cost and source the resource.
Give the number you will need to complete the project.
Enter the location of the resource, that might be an address, or whether the resource will work on or offsite.
Note where the resource will come from. For example, rental, contractor, member of staff.
Include any assumptions that you have made about the resource. For example that they/it will be available.
You can enter any extra notes about the resource here.

Download the template!

Excel 97 - 2003 download - Resource Requirements Template (.xls)

Excel download - Resource Requirements Template (.xlsx)

OpenDocument Spreadsheet download - Resource Requirements Template (.ods)

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